In the Ruins of Bibracte

1223.3 Have You Ever Danced With the Devil?

Dramatis personæ

  • Korvin ex Mercere – Magus at Mons Electi and devout Pagan.
  • Fr. Théofil – Priest at Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray near Mons Electi
  • Gautier II – Local Bishop.
  • Henri – Major-domo for Mons Electi
  • Alexei ex Flamebeau – Imperator of Mons Electi and Christan magus.
  • Valeran ex Guernicus – Chief Hoplite for Normandy Tribunal and enemy of Mons Electi.
  • Dragonse – Grog
  • Orrand – Grog
  • Nichard – Grog
  • Vilon – Grog
  • Jolanda – Shield Grog for Korvin

Father Théofil requests a meeting with Korvin and the other Magi of Mons Electi. Théofil is a rotund man seems to know a lot about magi which startles Korvin. He reminds Korvin that all the magi need to show up for confession. He also wants Korvin to use magic to transport him to Givry. Korvin tries to play dumb and Théofil leaves in a huff.

Henri informs Korvin that they are late on their payment of 750 marks to the Bishop in Dijon. Korvin gathers the tithe and goes to Alexei for help with the escort. It is fairly obvious that Korvin does not want to deal with the Church but Alexei persuades him to go as well.

The troupe is several days out when it encounters Valeran on the road. He and Alexei exchange barbs and Valeran but not before freezing all of Alexei’s armor in place. Alexei is able to Wizard’s Leap out and the journey continues with Alexei in a foul mood.

The troupe make it to Dijon without further incident and, after being disarmed, are escorted to the Bishop. They are surprised to find Valeran there already in conference with Bishop Gautier.

More barbs are exchanged but in polite tones as the Bishop is present. Gautier knows much about the Order of Hermes. Alexei and Valeran talk themselves into participating in the Crusade in the South of France vs the Cather.

Korvin and Gautier have a long conversion about the Order and Mons Electi. Korvin is put down on the lists has having confession and breaths a sigh of relief.


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