Brione De Rey

Magic Addicted Grog


Name: Brione De Rey Age: 35 Year Born: 1192 Gender: Male Handedness: Right Nationality: Norman French Religion: Christian Height: 5’11 Weight: 190 Hair: None Eyes: Green

Int -1
Per +1
Str +3
Sta +3
Pre -2
Comm -2
Dex 0
Quick +1

Magic Sensitivity
Puissant Ability (Single Weapon)
Covenfolk (Free)

Offensive to Animals
Compulsion (asks for spells to be cast on him)

Speak Language: French 5 (understanding commands)
Brawl 3 (daggers)
Survival 2 (road)
Speak Language: German 3 (understanding commands)
Single Weapon 6 +2(Sword and Shield)
Magic Sensitivity 5 (active spells)
Ride 3 (Combat)
Awareness 4/10 (Ambush)
Carouse 3 (Drinking)
Athletics 3 (Marching)
Thrown Weapons 3 (Javelins)
Folk ken 3 (Covenfolk)
Great Weapon 3 (Poleaxe)
Craft: Carpentry 3 (Battlements)
Area Lore: Mons Electi 3 (Battlements)

Gear: Full Chain, Sword, Round Shield, Dagger, Tabbard with Hourglass mounted on a spear, hooded cloak, backpack (bedroll, some rations)

Load: 9 (often reduced to 5 by a spell from Alexei)
Burden 0

Personality Traits:
Brave +3
Addicted to magic +2
Servile +1

Combat Totals:
Dagger Init: +1 Attack: +6 Defense: +1 Damage: +6
Sword&Shield: Init: +3 Attack: +13 Defense: +13 Damage: +9 (Alexei often casts spells that can raise damage by +3 more, but they need to Penetrate Magic Resistance then, once for each spell [Alexei usually casts these without force for no Penetration so the weapons can’t be turned on him])

Soak: +3 Soak in Armour: +12 (Alexei often casts spells that raise the soak by +2 and/or lowers the Load to 2, doing so prevents Brione from touching targets with Magic Resistance [in order for his Grogs to be able to touch him if they need to help him, Alexei will cast these with force and Arcane Connections to himself to make sure they can penetrate at least his own Parma if he should be unconscious and can drag him off if needed])


Brione was not always as wretched looking as he is now. Thick blond hair, clear eyes and a heroic looking physique. A few years of being Warped by Alexei’s (and other’s) magic has turned him into a grotesque man with no hair, a scary rather than inspiring mass of muscle, a cleft palette and oddly sparkling eyes. He dresses in decent clothes and has excellent gear. He usually wears a cloak to cover most of his features.

Brione lived in the Covenant of his father in France, but then moved when one of the Magi that lived there decided to change locations to the Black Forest Tribunal. Alexei took Brione with him on expeditions and has repeatedly cast spells on him to make him more combat effective (often increasing his size or giving him the ability to see at night). The pleasant feeling of Alexei’s magic as well as the obvious benefits have made Brione addicted to having spells cast on him. He prefers Alexei’s over others, but will ask to have a spell on him at any given time, even though it is warping him. Alexei feels sorry for him, but has obviously found that he’s quite useful, not just in combat but also his ability to sniff out magic.

(There technically is no Warping flaw [maybe in Realms of Power: Magic] but the regular virtues and flaws seemed to work fine to simulate his condition)

“M’lord Magister, I certainly can do as you ask…[sniff] say that’s a lovely spell ye have upon you! [twitch] Would ye perhaps favor me with an enchantment that I may better serve as m’lord wills?”

XP Spent: 5 on Magic Sensitivity, 5 on Awareness, 10 on Single Weapon, 10 on Magic Sensitivity, 10 on Awareness
XP Spent: 5 on Awareness, raised to 4
75 XP spent advancing 5 years

1st Aging roll: 1d10-2 → [3,-2] = (1) (he’s fine)

Brione De Rey

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