From a Celtic Tradition, a student of Primal Behavior, and Vestigial Bonds between the Animal and Human Minds


House: Ex Miscellanea – Tradition : Beastcrafter of the Aes Criedne
Age: 54(apparent age :34) Decrepitude : 0. Size: 0 _ Gender: male
Confidence: 1(3) _ Religion: Tentatively Pagan _ Parens : Ogmios (deceased)

Warping: 2(22pts total)
(Gauntlet:2/Ritual Binding the Shadow-Wolf’s spirit + Exposure to his Longevity Ritual)
Longevity Ritual Lab Total: 70 (-14 Age Roll Modifier)

Origins: French (Birth Place: Lembach, at the foot of the northen vosges mountains)
A tone bodied man, 5’6"(~167cm), with dark hair and light maroon eyes – with an amber tint at night, that gets more eerily vivid as the moon waxes.

Wizard’s Sigil: The smell of canines mark the target/area of the casting. The higher the spell’s magniture the stronger (and more widely spread) is the smell.
Voting Sigil : A medaillon with a Janus like silhouette of a man and a wolf’s profil.

Str 0 Sta +1
Qck 0 Dex 0
Com +2 Pre +1
Int +1 Per +1

Free virtues : The Gift, Social Status : Hermetic Magus.
Free Virtues from his Tradition – Protean Beastcrafters :
Major Non-Hermetic Virtue : Summon Animal (cf. HoH:S, p105).
Major Hermetic Flaw : Restriction (his magic cannot target (ever) Members of the clergy(whether they are true beleivers or not), anointed kings(same remark), people with true faith or animal sanctified/protected by a Divine power).
Minor Hemetic Virtue : Deft Form : Mentem. For centuries, wizards of this Tradition had to hide in plain sight. They learnt to use some of their magical practices in more inocuous ways.

Flexible Formulaic Magic (Major)
While Protean Beastcrafters do not exhibit any direct proficiency with spontaneous magic as the Diedne would, the flexibility of their common druidic roots in nevertheless apparent in their ability to alter one spell parameters when casting a formulaic spell.

Affinity with Mentem, Affinity with Animal, Cyclic Magic (positive) : Night, Wilderness Sense, Inoffensive to Animals, Second Sight, Animal Ken.

Driven (minor, personality)
To foster recognition for his non-latin tradition, especially as one not being from Diedne lineage. Being the “minor” option of this flaw, I’d daresay this means that he watches and seizes any opportunities to do so, rather than striving 24/7 to create such opportunities.

Lycanthrope (Major, supernatural)
As part of his apprenticeship, he had to voluntarilly undergo a straining ritual which bonded his nature to a “shadow beast”, the spirit of a watchful wolf remembered in the celtic legends perpetuated by his tradition. The spirit flared up his Gift (or so he believes, at least), but this bargain implied that every full moon he would lend his body to the “shadow-wolf”, letting the beast roam the world once again. His own consciousness a mere onlooker at best, is then drown by predatory instincts that ruled in half-forgotten times. On the rare times that his dreams do bring indistinct memories, of whatever actions his fused alter-ego has taken, he received these with both dread and fascination.

Supernatural Nuisance (major, story)
His training might not only allow him to see the ghosts of animals (to support this, I might go with second sight+animal ken+hisAffinities…or close enough), but his fate seems to have him encountering these more often than most. And as they always feel his own ability to see and hear them, some might pester him for… anything you’d think interesting. Also, at times, often (but not limited to ) a few days before the moon is full, he may also feel the shadow-wolf emotional reactions to his own interactions with other people/animals. This might be quite distracting, especially when he’d prefer to follow a less predatory course of action.

Cyclic Magic : by Day (minor, negative), Nocturnal, Hedge Wizard

French (rural dialects) 5
German (rural dialects) 1
Area Lore : Vosges (legends) 2
Awareness (keeping watch) 3
Swim (crossing rivers) 1
Athletics (trekking) 2
Survival (forest) 4
Stealth (urban area)4
Hunt (tracking) 3
Wilderness Sense (direction) 3
Animal Summoning (domesticated) 4
Animal Ken (canines) 3
Animal Handling (reptiles) 2
Ride (soothing unruly mount) 2
Folk Ken (peasants) 3
Guile (fast talk) 3
Charm (first impressions) 2
Carouse (games of chance) 2
Brawl (fistfights) 2
Bargain (services) 1
Magic Lore (magical traditions) 3
Magic Theory (inventing spells) 5
Latin (hermetic usage) 4
Order of Hermes Lore (Personalities) 3
Code of Hermes (mundane relations) 2
Concentration (spell concentration) 3
Finesse (casting speed) 1
Artes Liberales (ceremonial magic) 1
Penetration (Mentem) 2
Parma Magica (Corpus) 3
Second Sight (regios) 3

Sociable +3
("The effects of Gift? Just the regrettable consequences of mundanes having lost sense of their base nature, which we, as magi, exude more openly than the comon folks do. As for the reactions of Animals, its simple : we, too, need to balance our own conflicted nature. Granted, its the work of a lifetime, but its not a “curse” a my friend!"(smile confidently))

Conflicted toward the Church +2
(I hesitated to write : “secretly afraid of…”, until I decided that he’s both admiring and wary of the Church (cf his magic Restriction). Priests either gain his respect or disgust, and they are certainly the mundanes he has the hardest time to understand, despite his otherwise decent understanding of human nature (for a hermetic magus))

Pagan Beliefs +1
(which does not mean he’s a proselitist… nor an idiot unaware of 1220 realities. As the relatively modest score implies, he’s a bit shaky in upholding his own tradition beliefs.)

Nocturnal (cf Flaws, self explanatory, right?)
Driven : (minor) Foster recognition of his Tradition, and clear its name of any “Diedne” stigma if necessary (cf Flaws)

Hedge Wizard 3 (Order of Hermes)
Lycanthrope 1 (Order of Hermes)

Creo 3
Intellego 8
Muto 9
Perdo 3
Rego 10

Animal 16
Aquam 0
Auram 1
Corpus 7
Herbam 1
Ignem 0
Imaginem 9
Mentem 15
Terram 1
Vim 4


Confusion of the Numbed Will +27 / ReMe15 … 1: Multiple Casting
The Call to Slumber +28 / ReMe10 … 2: Multiple Casting, Fast Casting
The Faithful Servant +26 / MuMe15 … 1: Penetration
Viper’s Gaze +28 / ReAn15 … 1: Multiple Casting
Soothe the Ferocious Bear +27 / ReAn10
Posing the Silent Question +25 / InMe20 … 1: Penetration
Coat of a Hundred Colors +26 / MuAn10
Words of Unbroken Silence +19 / CrMe10
Panic of the Trembling Heart +19 / CrMe15
Eyes of the Cat +17 / MuCo5
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit +19 / PeMe5
Shiver of the Lycanthrope +26 / InAn10 … 1: Penetration
The Gentle Beast +28 / ReAn25 … 1
Loss But a Moment’s Memory +19 / PeMe15
Blink Step +21 / ReCo10 … 3: Quiet, Stil Casting, Fast Casting
Mind Trick of the Tremere +27 / ReMe20 … 1: Magic Resistance
Quid Nunc +26 / ReMe15
Aura of Ennobled Presence +19 / MuIm10
The Overheard Conversation +20 / InIm15 … 2: Still Casting, Quiet
Wizard’s Sidestep +20 / ReIm10
Recall the Base nature of Man +24 / InMe(An)20
Soothe Pains of the Beast +21 / CrAn20
Mind of the Beast +25 / MuMe(An) 30
Tracless Step +12 / ReTe10
The Beast Remade +17 / MuAn25
Disguise of the New Visage +17 / MuCo15
Wizard’s Communion +14 / MuVi 20

Soak : 1 (2 in Winter, from heavy clothes doubled with a layer of leather and furs +1)

Dodging (brawl) +0 Init.
Fist (brawl) +0 Init, +0 Atk/Dfn/Dam
Hunting Knife (brawl) +0 Init, +2 Atk, +0 Dfn, +3 Dam

Equipment : Worn but still sturdy traveller clothes, secret stash for money, another for vis and his voting sigil, Forester/Hunter knife (equiv. to a dagger), walking stick and traveler’s pack containing two blankets and gear to establish camp, survival kit, a bag with solid chains and manacles. A saddle, with not too obvious Celtic knots and engravings.
Encumbrance : 2 (4 if carrying the saddle).



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