Helmut Siggismund

one of Alexei's Grogs


Name: Helmut Siggismund Age: 15 Year Born: 1205 Gender: Male Size: 0 Handedness: Right Nationality: German
Religion: Christian Height: 5’ 4" Weight: 130 pounds Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Int: +2
Per: +1
Str: 0
Sta: 0
Pre: +1
Comm: +1
Quick: +1
Dex: 0

Linguist (True Lineages, Minor)
Educated (Minor)
Peasant (Social, free)

Weakness: Women
Fear: Jews

Speak German (Excellent diction) 5
Survival: Forest (Scrounging for food) 3
Awareness (Good hearing) 2
Speak French (Excellent diction) 3/1 (spent 25 got +6 from Virtue)
Speak Latin (Excellent diction) 3/1 (spent 25 got +6 from Virtue)
Speak Italien (Excellent Diction) 3/1 (spent 25 got +6 from Virtue)
Artes Liberales (Grammar) 3
Charm (Using foreign words) 3/10
Music (Foreign songs) 3/10
Carouse (Telling foreign stories) 3
Stealth (Forest) 2
Athletics (Running) 1
Profession: Scribe (Copying) 4
Profession: Seneschal (Mons Electi) 4
Speak Greek (Excellent Diction) 1

Gear: Decent set of clothes, knife, backpack with some provisions, a bedroll, wooden cup and bowl, wax tablet, small carving knife, and a cloak

Personality traits:
Talkative +2
Inquisitive +2


Helmut was discovered by the priest of his small village as having a knack for language and letters. The priest trained him in language and taught him the rudiments of grammar and his family proudly thought their son was destined to join the Church. Unfortuntely Helmut was orphaned after a particularly bad winter, starvation being all too common a cause of death. He managed to live off the forest with other survivors from his village. Alexei took him in while on one of his many expeditions through the woods. He was astounded to see how quickly the boy learned languages, he claimed he learned French when their family hosted a small group of Frankish Crusaders (he also learned a suspicious paranoia against jews from them, though he’s yet to meet one) for a season. Curious, Alexei tested his ability with Latin and writing and found he was quite adept even though he’d been unable to practice or receive additional training since his village was basically lost.

Alexei is greatly fond of the boy and uses him as a translator and also likes to hear him sing (now that his voice has stopped cracking). Knowing Alexei’s love of jokes, Helmut on more than one occasion has deliberatly mistranslated what Alexei said in order to make him look foolish. Along with Alexei’s fondness for the boy, he wants to get him an opportunity to continue his education but he’s never had the time. Helmut often tries to impress women with his knowledge of languages, especially stories and songs he’s heard as he learned the languages.

Alexei’s fondness for Helmut has more than once turned into a fierce and protective rage at those who would hurt him. He challenged another Magus to Certamen over a slight he perceived was aimed at the boy. Another time when he had sent him into a town to deliver a message the boy was captured by brigands (one of the problems with Alexei and his Gentle Gift is that ordinary folk think he too is ordinary) and were holding him for ransom. He stormed their camp like an angry god of war and slaughtered everyone, down to their animals. It was only after when he saw the terrified look on Helmut’s face (terrified of Alexei) did he realize how he must have seemed. Alexei now fears that the boy will be used against him, and wants him to be in a safe place such as a Covenant rather than the open road.

“Good Innkeeper, my Lord Alexei, Master of the fragrant cheese, has humbly asked that you provide him a duck that he might stay warm for the night.”

XP: 10 on Artes Liberales, 10 on Charm, 10 on Music

Helmut Siggismund

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