Johan VanHalen Junior

tough guy sailor man


Junior VanHalen

Chronology: Born in 1207, sailed Devil’s Teeth with father in 1216 at age 9, first sails with pirates ate age 10 in 1217, encountered Sea Hag in 1220 at age 13, came to Bibracte with Roberto in 1226, currently age 21 in 1228
Characteristics: Int +0, Per +1, Com +0, Pre +1, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +2, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 21
Year: 1228
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 (5)
Virtues & Flaws: Covenfolk, Affinity with Brawl, Improved Characteristics, Puissant Brawl; Reckless, Social Handicap, Warped by Magic 1
1 Junior was exposed to the magic of the sea hag when he was a child, afflicting him with warping. Gaining a Warping Score of 1, he acquired the Minor Flaw of Prohibition (or call it Minor Malediction). He cannot sail on a ship or ride a boat that has a woman on board, or it will sink (or crash or whatnot). This does not apply to animals or supernatural beings with a might score, only human women, and the ship will sink regardless of any known precaution. Because of his early childhood exposure to magic, Junior may spend experience points in Magic Lore.
Reputations: Uncouth 2 (local)
Dodge/Wrestle: Init +2, Atk +9, Def +10, Dmg +2
Fistfight: Init +2, Atk +10, Def +11, Dmg +2
Bludgeon: Init +2, Atk +11, Def +10, Dmg +4
Knife: Init +3, Atk +11, Def +11, Dmg +5
Soak: +0
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wound Penalties: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Animal Handling 2 (chickens), Athletics 1 (climb), Awareness 1 (in a fight), Bargain 1 (shady deals), Bibracte Lore 1 (Mons Electi), Brawl* 6+2 (bar fights), Carouse 3 (games of chance), Flemish 5 (slang), Folk Ken 2 (rabble), Guile 1 (play ignorant), Leadership 1 (intimidation), Magic Lore 2 (the sea), Netherlands Lore 2 (coast), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (habbits that annoy magi), Profession-Seaman 4 (dangerous waters), Profession-Soldier 1 (patrol), Ride 1 (mare), Survival 1 (at sea), Swim 3 (underwater)
Encumbrance: 0


Johan VanHalen Junior is uncultured, uncouth, and uncautious. But the lad can fight! His bravado and brawn caught Roberto’s interest. That and because of his family’s association with his covenant, he took Junior on as a grog to keep him out of trouble. Roberto often pairs him up with Carlos, who often gets him in trouble, but usually manages to get him out of it again.
Junior’s father was an alchoholic and a notorious pirate. His mother operated a clandestine outlaw haven/tavern and trafficked stolen cargo (and was a compulsive thief). They were the best parents a kid like Junior could have ever wished for. Johan VanHalen Senior was (and still is) a sailor of legendary skill (Junior will brag about how he rode along clinging to the mast, while his pop successfully sailed through the Devil’s Teeth during a raging storm while completly drunk).
Junior’s freewheeling outlaw father and permissive bawdy mother are the biggest, if not the best, influences in his life. He started drinking at an early age, got into bar brawls with adults twice his size, sailed with his father unheeded in dangerous waters, and more. But he is nigh feerless, and he is a gifted brawler. He is also a skilled sailor, though not nearly to the degree of his father (and there is the prohibition to be mindful of).
Junior’s encounter with the Sea Hag occured when he was thirteen, the same night in which a great storm had struck his little harbor town (Novus Mane) and capsized the ship. Heedless of the storm’s danger, Junior was the first on the scene and saw the hag dancing in the winds over the ship. She saw him too, and whisked him off into the winds to toy with him. Tossing him around in the air for awhile, then dropped him in the watter to watch him struggle in storm driven waves that tossed him around and slapped him. Then she turned him into a little fish while she chased him around as a big fish. Then she flung him from the sea as a wet dog (it was winter), leaving him to scamper off and whiper until the transformation wore off at sunrise. Since that night, Junior decided that women and ships should have nothing to do with each other.
The old band of pirates disbanded, some sailing off their own way and others finding legitimate employment as fishermen (that is to say actually, they changed their racket and operated under the cover of fishermen working for a local covenant of magi). This begins his familiy’s association with Roberto’s covenant, and his habbit of getting into brawls at his mom’s clandestine haven house tavern. His youthful encounter with magic marked him (with warping points), and magical myths (especially of the sea) have piqued his interest vere since. Living amongst magi has fuled that curiosity and enabled him to pursue it. At the tavern, junior has associated with all manner of onery and shady folk (he often hung out with Carlos there). As for bar-brawling, he has gone undefeated for the past seven fights in a row (including one against a huge Englishmen thick as an oak tree partnered with a French guy just as big but twice as mean).
The last ship Junior was on sank because one of the seaman was a woman disguised as a man (or so he will insist was the cause). So for now he has decided to try life on land, joining Roberto’s entourage upon this latest expedition of his.
Development: post Novus Mane
Autumn 1226: Travel to Bibracte with Roberto and learn to drive a wagon (5xp Animal Handling)
Winter 1226: consort with Carlos as he consorts with gogs of Mons Electi (5xp Bibracte Lore)
Spring 1227: Patrol Duty with Allen (5xp Ride)
Summer 1227: Tribunal (5xp Order of Hermes Lore)
Autumn 1227: takes an interest in barn animals (5xp Animal Handling)
Winter 1227: starts a cock-fight ring, and picks fights with chickens himself (5xp Animal Handling)
Spring 1228: Patrol Duty with Alberto (5xp Profession-Soldier)
Summer 1228: “Alabaster Lioness”

Johan VanHalen Junior

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