Apprentice with a green thumb


Year: 1230(Spring)
Age: 22(22)
Size: 0
Confidence: 1(3)
Year Born: 1208
Apprenticed: 1217 (Spring)
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Austrian
Birth Place: Tyrol
Religion: Christian
Title: Apprentice
Height: 5’10" (178cm)
Weight: 201 lbs (91 kg)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Handedness: Right
Warping: 0(0)

Intelligence: +2
Perception: +1
Presence: +1
Communication: +1
Strength: 0
Stamina: +2
Dexterity: +1
Quickness: 0

The Gift
Hermetic Apprentice
Puissant Magic Theory (Free House Virtue)
Affinity with Rego
Affinity with Herbam
Puissant Herbam
Deft Form (Herbam)
Venus’s Blessing
Improved Characteristics

Limited Magic Resistance (Ignem)
Lost Love (Rose discipula Maris)
Sheltered Upbringing
Susceptibility to Divine Power

Area Lore: Reutte district (geography): 2
Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic): 4(6)
Athletics (climbing): 2
Awareness (alertness): 3
Carouse (social drinking): 0(1)
Charm (women): 1(4)
Concentration (in the presence of women): 0(2)
Etiquette (at parties): 0(1)
Finesse (Herbam): 2
French (covenant dialect): 1
Great Weapon (staff): 2(3)
Guile (to women): 2
High German (native/forestry): 5
Hunt (in forests): 1
Latin (Hermetic usage): 4(1)
Magic Theory (Herbam): 5+2(26)
Order of Hermes Lore (politics): 0(1)
Philosophiae (Ceremonial Magic): 4
Spanish (Phoenix dialect): 4
Stealth (woodlands): 2
Survival (woodlands): 3
Swim (in currents): 1
Whittling (animals): 1

Personality Traits:

Reputations: none

Init Atk Dfn Dmg
Dodge -1 -1
Fist -1 +0 -1 -1
Kick -2 +0 -2 +2
Staff +0 +7 +6 +3

Wizard’s Sigil: The smell of roses.

Creo: 9(9)
Intellego: 7(3)
Muto: 0
Perdo: 0
Rego: 9(3)
Animal: 0
Aquam: 0
Auram: 6(4)
Corpus: 5(1)
Herbam: 14+3
Ignem: 0
Imaginem: 0
Mentem: 0
Terram: 1
Vim: 1(1)


Ulrich was raised alone by his father in the Swiss Alps, near Fort Claudia. He had practically no contact with anyone else except when his father took him into the village for church or to trade what they had caught hunting. Everyone he met shied away from him, thought he was too different, bizarre, unnatural, even though he was a very cute child. Silviatos stumbled across him during the winter of 1216-17 in his travels (Fort Claudia is roughly 175 miles SE of Durenmar), saw that he had the Gift, and took him as his apprentice.

Ulrich studied under the ex Miscellanea for three years, and came with him (along with Wilhelm the woodsman) to Mons Electi in 1220 when the covenant was founded. It was only a few weeks after their arrival that Silviatos left his new home in order to attend to some “personal business,” the details of which he did not confide in his apprentice. When a month had passed without any word, Apollodorus put Ulrich to work setting up a laboratory under his direction, then taught him the art of Rego.

That summer, when Silviatos had still neither returned nor sent a message concerning his whereabouts or his intentions, Ulrich was claimed by Tria ex Bonisagus (the Tenentes Occultorum for Stonehenge, Hibernia and Loch Leglean Tribunals at the end of the 12th century), who in turn fostered him to Apollodorus.

When Apollodorus was assassinated in Summer of 1222, he was reclaimed by Tria, who then sold him to Ra’am of Bonisagus.


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