Vincent Vercettius

Time Lost Centurion


Vincent Vercetti

Characteristics: Int +1, Per -1, Com +1, Pre +2, Str +3, Sta +2, Dex +0, Quik +0
Size: 0
Chronology: 77bc Born; 52bc (age 25) Served in the XIIIth Legion alongside Julius Caesar, victorious in battle during the Gallic Wars, then appointed commander of forces in Bibracte; 47bc leads a small force of men to explore the regio (Magic Realm) and adventures for 5 years (but 1274 years passes in the mundane world); 1228ad (age 1305/35) emerges from the regio in the modern world, the lone survivor of his expedition and marked by the Spirit of Bibracte as her servant
Age: Objective 1305, Subjective 35, Apparent 30
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 (5)
Confidence: 2 (5)
Virtues & Flaws: Improved Characteristics (x2), Educated, Privileged Upbringing, Puissant Leadership, Second Sight, Latent Magic, Unaffected by the Gift, Unaging, Warrior, Driven (Major), Servent of Bibracte, Foreign Upbringing, Pagan, Warped by Magic (Heroic Personality), Worthless Abilities
Personality Traits: Dedicated +5, Loyal +4, Brave +4, Pragmatic +3, Pagan +2
Dodge: Init +0. Atk n/a, Def +3, Dmg n/a
Grapple: Init +0. Atk +4, Def +4, Dmg +3
Gladius (& Infantry Shield): Init +1. Atk +10, Def +8 (+12), Dmg +8
Pilium (& Infantry Shield): Init +2. Atk +8, Def +6 (+10), Dmg +8
Thrown Pilium: Init +0. Atk +7, Def n/a, Dmg +8
Soak: +8
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Artes Liberales 2 (rhetoric), Animal Handling 1 (dogs), Athletics 3 (marching), Awareness 3 (in battle), Bargain 1 (haggle), Bibracte Lore 1 (regio), Brawl 3 (grapple), Carouse 2 (maintain composure), Etiquette 1 (military), Folk Ken 2 (soldiers), Greek: Classical 4 (Koine), Guile 1 (prevaricating wordplay), Latin 5 (cursing), Leadership 5+2 (in battle), Magic Lore 2 (regiones), Medeterranean Area Lore 2 (Roman empire), Philosophiae 2 (metephysics), Profession: Soldier 4 (legionary), Roman Army Lore 3 (13th Legion), Second Sight 4 (regiones), Single Weapon 6 (gladius), Survival 3 (in group), Teaching 2 (martial abilities), Theology: Roman 1 (Mars), Thrown Weapon 4 (pilium)
Equipment: gladius (1), infantry shield (3), lorica hamata (4), pilium (1)
Encumbrance: 0 (Load 9 = Burden 3, minus Strength +3 = 0)


Vincent Vercetti was a Roman Centurion, an officer in the 13th Legion under Julius Caesar during the Gallic wars. After defeating Vercingetorix in 52bc, Caesar stayed at Bibracte during the winter (dictating his famous Commentaries on the Gallic Wars). Vincent was placed in command of the city, which thrived under his leadership.
But there were many strange and supernatural features of the land, which the conquored Druids refused to explain and the Mercurian Priests could not understand. There was the fountain, the shrines, the (other thing) and (that thing too). But was was most curious is that, on certain nights, phantom images of another city could be seen from certain angles. Other townsfolk, strangers, would be seen then disappear. What is more, some claimed to have walked around a corner in the fog to only find themselves in another realm for a few moments. Those who told this tale also say they walked backwards three steps to emerge in the terrestrial realm. But there were a few that disappeared forever.
Not everyone could see it, only those said to be gifted by the gods with the Sight. But there were a score of others who could percieve and confirm this phenomenon. Victor was one of them. The Druids had no explaination, other than it began only after Caesar camped here and has grown slowly ever since. The Mercurian priest theorized that it was a spirit of Regium, an omen that through Caesar, Rome would rule the world. Vincent was determined to understand this mystery, and formed an expedition to explore it further.
He recruited a dozen brave explorers, himself being the thirteenth. He even convinced the Druid and Mercurian to cooperate and join the expedition, each conducting their individual spells and rituals to contact spirits for guidance and make markers to locate home. He also recruided ten of his soldiers that were brave enough to challenge the unknown. Two of them shared the gift of Sight as well.
What ensued was a fantastic adventure of exotic triumphs and tragedies. Vincent cannot explain the magical metephysics of the situation. But he can speak of many strange lands and distant realms. His followers fell away one by one, some dying heroic or ignoble deaths, others finding new destinies in new mystical homelands. Vincent himself was almost lost forever in a pocket of infinity within an eternity.
But the spirit of Bibracte pulled him from the void, choosing him as her servant and champion in the mortal world. More years than a dozen centuries have passed, the old city was in ruins and a new one grew in it’s place (Mons Electi). Commanded by Bibracte, Vincent is dedicated to the protection and prosperity of these people.
Now all he has to do is convince them to let him do so.
Bibracte warned him that the world has changed and new customs prevail, but those he was to serve spoke Latin, and with the gifts she has given him he would earn their trust. They can easilly earn his, for the Gift bothers him not. But will he earn theirs, and will he prove his worth? And will he succeed in protecting Bibracte/Mons Electi from the forces that loom threateningly against it?

Vincent Vercettius

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