Cabinets to Sustain Specimens


Lesser enchantment: indefinitely preserves pieces of corpses that have been placed within it, up to ten corpses’ worth.
(CrCo base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group; changing Sun to constant effect adds 4 levels. Final effect: level 19)


Tranquillina spent two months enchanting these cabinets (which look like display cases divided into sections) near the end of her stay at Nigrasaxa. Small amber stones have been affixed in the front corners of each display section with an unusual mixture of honey and sulfur, and the bottom of each section has been lined with dark fabric. The pieces of human corpses placed on display within the cabinets do not decompose or degrade, substantially lowering Tranquillina’s cost to maintain the specimens in her laboratory.

Cabinets to Sustain Specimens

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