Flambeau's Furnace


Lesser enchantment: heats itself, enough to glow red-hot if desired.
(CrIg base 5, Per, +1 Conc, Ind; +5 levels for item maintaining concentration, +5 levels for 24 uses per day. Final effect: level 20)


(At one point, the plan was for Tranquillina to bring this with her to Mons Electi in 1223; but then her build points got reallocated elsewhere.)

This iron stove was made by Thamik ex Verditius, at Nigrasaxa. The stove is flat, shaped like a shallow fireplace, and can be placed along a wall; it includes an iron plate that lies along the floor as a hearth. The stove can be used to comfortably warm the laboratory as a whole, or to heat and even ignite items placed upon its hearth.

Flambeau's Furnace

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