Gunthar’s Broom

Dirt Destroying Broom


Perdo (Creo) Terram 25

Level Adjustment
Range Touch +1
DurationMom 0
Target Room +2
Additional Modifiers Creo Req +1
Unlimited Uses/Day +10lvl

Based on “Gleam of the Freshly Polished Glass,” Covenants, pg 122

This wrought iron broomstick is such a fearsome destroyer of dirt, dust and grime, that you only have to threaten a room with it, and all the outfittings look freshly dusted and polished. The Creo requisite means that metal and earthenware items in the room mend tiny cracks and dents, returning a step closer to perfection. A determined servant armed with this broom could keep an entire mansion clean.

Unlike Gleam of the Freshly Polished Glass, which is a Moon-duration spell, these effects are only momentary, and therefore do not cause a lab to become Spotless (or gain Warping), unless the magi inhabiting the lab has a personality trait which suggests s/he would be meticulous in the lab in maintaining the effort.


Originally invented by Norbert Gunthar doctrinae Verditus, Viscaria’s pater. He gave her the lab text so that she could learn how to keep her gorram room clean. It didn’t stick.

Gunthar’s Broom

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