A Perfectly Ordinary Mirror

A seemingly ordinary mirror


A Perfectly Ordinary Silver Mirror (36/240) (medium, silver, +60 from Alchemy)

* Eternal Repetition in a Bottomless Pool, CrIm36, 2/day
Description: from Covenants, pg 101, as an Item. Author unknown.
You must touch the mirror with an Arcane Connection to a book as you activate its command word. The mirror will then display the text of the book and respond to commands, including “next page,” and “the first bit about marsh fronds.”
(Base 1, Arcane +4, Sun +2, clear words +1, accepts commands +2, extremely intricate +1, 2 use/day +1lvl


There is absolutely no proof that Viscaria intends to enchant this mirror with forbidden scrying magics.

It is absolutely, positively, only a very helpful device to make the use of popular books in the library easier for everyone at the covenant, and any suggestions otherwise will be considered libel, and prosecuted against under the full weight of Hermetic Law.

A Perfectly Ordinary Mirror

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