Puissant Palindromedary of Parnassus


ReAn 15 (Per/Conc/Ind). Item maintains concentration, is useable twice per day. Effect level 26.

The item consists of two saddles (such as a knight might use: rigid, with a built-up pommel and cantle) affixed to each other, back to front. There is a small space in between the saddles where one might fasten a small pair of saddlebags. Both saddles are equipped with stirrups and a harness that can buckle around the rider’s waist. There is a small wooden camel’s head attached to both the front and the back of the device, hence the name: the head on the front has opals for eyes.

On command, the contraption may lift off the ground and take flight, transporting the riders through the air as fast as a horse can run. (Speed may vary up or down slightly depending on the load.) Effect is flawed: the Palindromedary cannot climb above 100 feet.

Design: Base 1 (Manipulate animal products), +1 Concentration, +2 very unnatural motion, +2 carry a pair of riders, +1 speed.

Created by Stultus Maximus, 1229.2


Puissant Palindromedary of Parnassus

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