Succor of the Toiler's Arches

magically plush rug


Lesser enchantment: a rug that makes itself unnaturally plush and soft.
(MuAn base 4, Per, +2 Sun, Ind. Final effect: level 10)


While this woven wool rug is masterfully decorated with images of hills rising up from the water’s edge, as an enchanted item it is quite pedestrian. Thamik ex Verditius, at Nigrasaxa, made several of these for his sodales’ laboratories, and Tranquillina brought hers with her to Mons Electi in 1223. Once a day, when stepped upon, the rug changes itself to become extremely soft and plush, saving the wear-and-tear that builds up on feet over a long season of labwork.

Succor of the Toiler's Arches

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