Tapestry of the Watch

A Very Accurate Painting.


This large tapestry hangs in the Council Chamber. It appears to be a beautifully woven image of the hilltop on which the ruins of Bribracte stand – the hill from which one enters the regio. If you look at it long enough, however, you’ll notice that it changes: clouds move across the sky; the trees in the tapestry sway in the wind. If you watch long enough, the sun will set, and the moon and stars will appear. If you watch all night, you will also see the dawn in the tapestry.

In fact, the tapestry constantly shows an image of what’s happening outside the main entrance to the regio. If anyone is approaching the entrance, their image will appear in the tapestry. It’s beautiful, yes, but it’s also an advance warning system, to let the magi know of any visitors, welcome or otherwise, before they arrive.

For sensing the image elsewhere: InIm 19 (Base 1, “Use one sense at a distance,” +4 arc, +2 sun, +1pt for 2 uses/day, +3pts for trigger: sunrise/sunset) For displaying it in the tapestry: CrIm 16 (Base 1, “Create an image that affects a single sense,” +2 sun, +10pts for unlimited uses per day, +3pts for trigger: linked to other spell) Total levels: 35 Total cost: 14bp

Tapestry of the Watch

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