Tentacular Trunk of Many Uses

Lab Equipment


The Tentacular Trunk of Many Uses is a large wicker (wooden) trunk, with several vine/tentacle like legs. It will obediently follow whoever activates it via command phrase until told to stop. If you describe each item placed into the trunk as you add it, it will also hand you the item when you ask for it, extruding another vine-like tentacle holding the object. It emits a balmy Iberian summer breeze when opened. It is impervious to water, even when open (water will flow around it).

Invested Item: 7/14 Spell Levels (size large, material wood, +60 from Philosophic Alchemy)

  • The Bookstand of Hespera ReHe 20 (+2 texts)
    As per the standard lab item in Covenants. When activated, a portion of the lid rises up to lectern height, with enough space for a Lab Text, inkhorn, small knife, and several quills. The Bookstand moves around to follow the magus so that he is never far from his lab text.
    (ReHe 15, Base 10, +1 Conc, item maintains)
  • “Toolchest of Hespera” ReHe 20 (+2 items)
    Nearly the same theory as The Bookstand. The lid of the trunk holds an abundance of tools for item crafting, and vines/tentacles can be made to extrude to hold these in conveniently accessible positions. The lab text for this spell also causes the device to follow the magus around, but since the Trunk had already been enchanted to do so, this portion of the text merely doubles the number of leg-vine/tentacles it uses to do so.

* Break the Oncoming Wave (Sun, linked, 2/day) ReAq 20 (+2 Pentration)
As per the spell in the MRB. Base 5, +2 Sun, +3 linked, +1 uses/day, +1 penetration. Wards the trunk from normal and magical water. Always on. The only way to store liquids in the trunk is to have a greater magic resistance than it can penetrate.

* Shadow Box of Summer Breezes CrAu 8, Base 1, + 2 Sun, 1 unnatural, 2/uses day1, Environmental Trigger +3
Fills the trunk (and the room) with a pleasant breeze of average humidity and heat. Counts as Magical Heating for labs, and makes the item very useful for the storing of books.


The Tentacular Trunk of Many Uses was actually originally created as a byproduct of various Enchanting work which Viscaria had been paid to do. She Opened the Trunk to study the magical properties of a certain species of grapevine at the Covenant of the Phoenix. She was hired to perform several small enchantments and realized that once the item had been created for the buyer, it was a trivial amount of additional work to add the enchantment to any readily available device.

Only after someone hired her to enchant Break the Oncoming Wave onto a cloak did she notice the pleasing integration of effects that had been achieved. After which, she began developing plans for the future of the Trunk.

Her current future plans for the trunk include a Fire Ward and a Demon Ward. She had planned to include a Herbam variant of The Tireless Servant, but feels its utility as a book chest warded against magical and mundane disasters is more valuable.

Tentacular Trunk of Many Uses

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