Viscaria's Laboratory

Cost: Paying for 1 major and 2 minor virtues(40bp)
Owner: Ioseph Viscaria fillia Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus
Location: Caves near the peak of the mountain, leading to ledge on opposite side
Names Added to Sanctum Marker: Theraphosa, Vin Diesel, Chastity, Patience

Size:[650/350 sq ft] +1 (-1) Refinement: +0 Upkeep: +1
General Quality: +4 Health: +3 Warping: +1
Safety: +5 +/-? Aesthetics: +9
Specializations (2 activities, 4 arts)
Enchanting Items +15 Texts +6 Vis Extraction +1 Experimentation 1
Muto 4 Auram 4 Imaginem 1 Terram 2
Mentem 1 Aquam 1 Creo 0 Rego 0
-Vim 0-
Impossible Activities: 1222: Teaching Binding familiar
1224: None
Natural Environment(+3 ): The lab has been constructed half-in, half-out of a cave at the top of the cliff behind the covenant. (Aesthetics +2 , +1 Aq, +1 Au, +1 Te )
Outdoors(-3): Half of the lab extends out onto the wide rock ledge that hangs out from the cliff. This leaves it very exposed to the elements. (-1 Gen, +2 Upkeep, -1 Safety, -1 Health, -3 Aesthetics)
Superior Construction +1 Aesth +1 Safety
Mountaintop (-1 Safety, +1 Upkeep, +2 Aesthetics, +2 Au)
Idyllic Surroundings (+2 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Te)
Disguised: the entrance to the lab is usually blocked by the raw stone of the wall. It also has a ReIm circle spell causing the entrance to appear to be a few feet over, beyond where the path ends. (-1 Aesthetics)
Spacious: The ledge is wide, and the cave is deep (Free due to size +1 not filled) (+2 Safety, +1 Aesthetics)
Magical Lighting: The cave walls are streaked with seams of silvery rock that shimmer in the darkness when a magus approaches, providing good light whenever necessary. (no space cost) (+1 Aesthetics, +1 Texts, +1 Im)
Lesser Feature : The shimmering, constantly changing stalactites and stalagmites count as a lesser feature (+1 Aesthetics, +1 Mu)
Missing Equipment: as yet, the lab has no equipment for teaching or for binding a familiar. (-1 Upkeep) (Removed in 1224)
Chaotic -1 : The cave walls, floor, and ceiling grow, shrink, shift, and change over time. (-2 Safety, +1 Warping, +1 Experimentation, +2 Mu)
Deformed: the constant shifting of the lab walls often creates strange, inconvenient deformations in the shape of the lab (-1 Aesthetics, +1 Mu)
+0 Guard (Vin) +1 Aesthetics (Possibly 0, due to being Vin Diesel)
+0 Familiar -( Int 1 + MT 5) Gen, +1 Items (MT Speciality), Golden Cord +2 Safety
+0 Silversmith Forge Companion (Chastity) (+2 Items)
+0 Superior Equipment +1 Gen +1 Vis Extraction
+0 Superior Tools +1 Safety +1 Items
+0 Magic Item (Dragon Forge) +2 items
+0 Magic Item (Tentacular Trunk of Many…) +2 texts, +2 items, +1 Health, +1 Aeshetics, +1 Au
+0 Magic Item (Ordinary Mirror) +3 texts
+0 Magic Item (Gunthar’s Broom) +1 Health, -1 Upkeep
+0 Servant (Patience) +(Int/2 round up) Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Me (Int unknown)
+3 Greater Feature, Forge +2 Aesth, +3 Items
-3 Greater Focus, Forge -2 Gen, +4 Items

Gunthar’s Broom PeTe25 (Gleam of the Freshly Polished Glass), unlimited uses
Tentacular Trunk of Many Uses (7/14)

  • The Bookstand of Hespera ReHe 20 |(+2 texts)
  • “Toolchest of Hespera” ReHe 20 |(+2 items)
  • Break the Oncoming Wave (Sun, linked, 3/day) ReAq 20 |(keeps interior contents dry)
  • Shadow Box of Summer Breezes CrAu 8, Base 1, + 2 Sun, 1 unnatural, 2/uses day1, Environmental Trigger +3 (As Magical Heating)| +1 Health, +1 Aeshetics, +1 Au)

Dragon Forge Creo Ignem 20 |(+2 items)

A Perfectly Ordinary Silver Mirror (4/24)

  • Mirror of Eternal Repetition in a Bottomless Pool, CrIm36, 2/day (36)|+3 texts, +1 Aesthetics
  • (empty slots)

Lab Texts (In Trunk)
ReHe 20 The Bookstand of Hespera (Enchanted Item) (from text)
ReHe40 The Tireless Wooden Servant
CrIm36 Eternal Repetition in a Bottomless Pool,, (from text)
CrTe30 Rarefy The Crude Stone CrTe 30 (RoP:M 133, Base 25, +1 Touch, Creates an elemental from any naturally occurring concentration of suitable size, max Might 15, Size 0)

Untranslated Labtexts (In Trunk)
CrIg16 Sunberry Chandelier S/M – A silver chandelier, appearing to be a forest canopy. Base 5 – Create light as bright as direct sunlight on a clear day. Dur Sun 2, 2 uses/day +1
PeTe25 Gunthar’s Broom (Gleam of the Freshly Polished Glass), unlimited uses
ReAq 20 Break the Oncoming Wave (Sun, linked, 3/day)
CrAu 8 Shadow Box of Summer Breezes, Base 1, + 2 Sun, +1 unnatural, 2/uses day
1, Enviro Trigger +3
ReHe 20 “Toolchest of Hespera”, (like Bookstand, only for items),
???? The Lab Text Generated in the Winter of 1221 at Spider’s Rest

Summae (In Trunk)
Terram Summae, Lvl 25, Q 10 “The Slumbering Giant,” by Fenicil filius Guernicus scholae Guernicus, in Latin.

Iosephus’ Sanctum, as occupied by Viscaria

Iosephus’ Sanctum is reached via the very steep and narrow path that runs up the side of the cliff. Once you near the top of the cliff, the path seems to end abruptly with a steep, long drop. In fact, if you turn to the wall of the cliff at the end of the path, and cast some sort of magic to remove the rock, you’ll find that there’s a doorway leading into the cliff. An enchantment (ReIm circle spell) obfuscates the entrance even when the rock is so moved, and will cause the unwary to fall into a spider’s web trap.

Inside, there’s a very beautiful magical cavern. Like the cavern below – the one you’ve already come through if you walked all the way up – it has stalactites and stalagmites coming from the roof and floor in a strange profusion. They shift and change over the seasons, so the cavern never looks quite the same from year to year. What’s different about this cavern, though, is that its walls, floor, and ceiling are all striated by seams of glittering silver rock. These bands of rock glitter and shimmer in the light – assuming you brought a light. When a magus enters the cave, they glow – enough to provide plenty of light for reading. With time, a magus can learn to calm that magical part of himself that the bands of rock are glowing in response to, so as to allow darkness for sleeping.

Under normal circumstances, “Circle of Beast Warding” and “Ward Against the Curious Scullion” (Covenants p104) have been cast across the various entrances to the sanctum. Several of the paths have pit traps and snare traps built near them of varying sizes by Viscaria’s cave spider familiar.

Iosephus’ Lab, as occupied by Viscaria
Iosephus’ The lab is in a neighboring cavern, very much like the one described. This cavern, however, opens out onto a wide rock ledge. Half of the lab is somewhat sheltered by the overhanging roof of the cave, and half is on the rock ledge, entirely exposed to the elements.

Viscaria's Laboratory

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