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Covenant of Mons Electi

Mundane Side
Regio Side
Vis Sources and Inventory

The Rest of the World


Alexei von Kroitsau
- Donner, his giant mastiff familiar

Fiona ex Miscellanea
- Daughters of Circe
- Sheelagh, her apprentice
- Paul von Lynden, her cat familiar
- Fiona’s Laboratory
- Fiona’s favorite playmates

Gerulf Waldenhof

Isen Flambonis
- Helest, his horse familiar

Jacques ex Flamebeau
- Pecess, his crow familiar

Korvin ex Mercere
- Abigail, his apprentice
- Paion, his weasel familiar
- Korvin’s Laboratory


Roberto Rodriguez ex Flambeau

Stultus Maximus ex Tytalus
- Rahere, his Barbary ape familiar.
- Stultus’ Lab

Tranquillina Bonisagi
- Tranquillina’s laboratory


Craftspeople and specialists

  • Benner the linguist
  • Blanche, the strange, strong, and near-mute apprentice of Pierre Legris
  • candlemaker (Craft 4)
  • Chastity, a Forge Companion: a drunkard silversmith with a body like a dwarf and a face like a mining accident (Craft: Silversmith 8)
  • cooper (Craft: Carpenter 5)
  • Delayens the beekeeper (Craft: Honey 3, Craft: Hydromel 3 – 6 bps)
  • glassblower (Craft 6) – enables free lab virtue “superior equipment” without additional upkeep
  • Guilheum Gastoneau, distracted son of Eloise and Gaston, apprentice of Pierre Legris
  • Helmut Siggismund the seneschal
  • Henri the autocrat
  • Otto (Com +2, Teaching 6, Artes Liberales 5, French 5, Latin 5, Philosophiae 5 – 13 bps)
  • percamenarius (Craft 5)
  • Pierre Legris, the leader of the woolworkers, who has a magic touch with his workshop but not with his underlings
  • Rashid, battle-scarred foreigner with strange ideas about spiders
  • Rebbe Pinchas ben Nahum
  • Sobran the vintner (Craft 5)
  • stablemaster (Animal Handling (Horses) 6)
  • toolsmith (Craft 6) – enables free lab virtue “superior tools” without additional upkeep
  • Yves d’Aurillac, scribe (Craft 6)


- four Riding Horses of quality (not oustandish, but worthy mounts for a lord/lady/dignified magus) (4 bps)
- 36 brigand’s quality mounts, from Astingani
- Svardalfari, the largest horse in the stable, for Fiona
- several thousand head of sheep



  • Echrad, daughter of Muirenn (born in 1218)
  • Meadhbh, daughter of Moire and Seumas (born January 1225)
  • Patience, the young, unloved daughter of a silversmith, secretly learning martial skills
  • Viviene, daughter of Moire and Seumas (born December 1221), junior member of Pierre Legris’s workshop

Other covenfolk

  • Mons Electi has a total of about 60 servants and 40 teamsters, in addition to vast quantities of peasants handling the wool, meat, cheese, and parchment revenues.

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