The Covenant Librarian


Intelligence +2
Perception +1
Presence +1
Communication +2
Strength -1
Stamina 0
Dexterity +1
Quickness -1

Size: 0
Age: 30(30) (b. 1198)
Birthplace: Westminster, England
Race/Nationality: Anglo-Norman
Religion: Christian
Height: 5’10" (178 cm)
Weight: 191 lbs (87 kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Handed: Right
Gender: Female
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0(0)

Academic Abilities
Light Touch

Fragile Constitution
Vow (Chastity)

Personality Traits: Curious +1, Helpful +2, Pious +3
Reputations: Dedicated (Christians) 1

Area Lore: Westminster (places of interest) 1
Artes Liberales (grammar) 2
Awareness (searching) 4(5)
Charm (Being witty) 3(15)
Civil and Canon Law (marital law) 1
Concentration (reading) 3
Etiquette (nobility) 3(10)
Folk Ken (Nobility) 3(10)
French (nobility) 5
Guile (Lying to authority) 3
Latin (ecclesiastical) 4
Librarian (organization) 7(20)
Music (harp) 3
Philosophiae (Moral Philosophy) 1
Ride (cross-country) 1
Scribe (copying) 4
Sewing (embroidery) 3
Teaching (academic abilities) 1
Theology (history) 1


Alisandre de la Rose is the daughter of mid-level nobility in the court of King John. She was a daughter of privilege, who was taught not only the delicate arts of needlework and music, as well as the courtly graces, but she was also taught several of the academic arts. She was betrothed to Gilbert de Henlega, until a tragic accident struck the young lady at the age of ten, when the horse she was riding threw her, breaking her leg. She never recovered from the accident, and walks with the aid of a cane to this day.

As a result of her becoming a “cripple,” the family of her intended cancelled the betrothal. It took years for Alisandre to recover. She had every intention of joining a convent, and in fact had set off on pilgrimage to Our Lady of Le Puy, but took a detour when she heard some strangers talking about the new settlement near Autun. After prayer and meditation, she decided that her abilities could be more useful in such a place than in a convent, and made her way to Mons Electi where she accepted a position as the librarian.

1221: 15 xp in Librarian, 5 xp in Scribe, 5 xp in Folk Ken, 5 xp in Etiquette.
1222: Charm 15 xp, Concentration 15 xp
1223: Librarian 15 xp, Artes Liberales 15 xp
1224: Guile 15 xp, Scribe 15 xp
1225: Folk Ken 15 xp, Librarian 15 xp
1226: Librarian 15 xp, Sewing 15 xp
1227: Charm 15 xp, Librarian 15 xp
1228: Awareness: 10 xp (raising score from 3 to 4); Etiquette: 5 xp; Folk Ken: 5 xp; Librarian: 10 xp.


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