Alexei von Kroitsau

He looks like a jovial, somewhat handsome man in vigourous health in his mid to late 30s. His blond hair is just above his collar and his hazel eyes are easily enhanced by the smile he usually has on his lips. He has a closely trimmed light brown beard, w


Name: Birth Name: Alexei Von Kroitsau
House: Flambeau Age: 53 Size 0 Confidence: 1/3 Warping: 2/3 Decrepitude: 0/0 Gender: Male Year Born: 1167 Race/Nationality: German Place of Origin: Black Forest Tribunal Religion: Christian Title/Profession: Magus Height: 5’6” Weight: 165 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel Handedness: Right House Acclaim (Flambeau): 2/0 (Milites)

Int +2 Str +2 Pre +1 Dex 0
Per -1 Sta +2 Comm +1 Quick 0

Hermetic Magus Free
The Gift Free
Affinity Great Weapon Free (School of Ramius)
The Gentle Gift Major
Quiet Magic Minor
Quiet Magic Minor
Subtle Magic Minor
Improved Characteristics Minor
Special Circumstances (touching target) Minor
Side Effect (target receives pleasant feeling) Minor
Tough Minor

Short Ranged Magic Major
Plagued by Supernatural (magic) Major
Clumsy Magic Minor
Dutybound (Milites) Minor
Milites Minor
Deficient Form (Imaginem) Minor

Native Language: 5 (German) (Boasting)
Charm: 2 (Maidens)
Folk Ken: 2 (Soldiers)
Brawl: 2 (Punch)
Leadership: 2 (Grogs)
Athletics: 2 (Running)
Ride: 2 (Combat)
Artes Liberales: 1 (Ritual Magic)
Latin: 4 (Hermetic usage)
Magic Theory: 6 (Corpus)
Parma: 3 (Mentem)
Great Weapon: 6 (Spear)
Penetration 3 (Corpus)
Finesse 3 (Crafting things with magic)
Concentration 3 (Combat)
Carouse 2 (Telling jokes)
Living Language 2/6 (French) (Giving orders)
Intrigue (Hermetic) 1/1
Etiquette (Hermetic) 1

Personality Traits:
Brave +3
Boastful +2
Joker +2
Generous +2

Magic Sigil: A pleasant odor (different for different people, but they are reminded of a smell that is comforting)

Voting Sigil: Iron Spear head

Cr 14 An 9 Ig 5
In 5 Aq 5 Im 5
Mu 11 Au 5 Me 5
Pe 11 Co 16 Te 10
Re 11 He 10 Vi 8

Endurance of the Berserkers ReCo 15 32*
The Gift of Vigor ReCo 20 +32*
Eyes of the Cat MuCo 5 +32* +3
Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude MuCo 25 +32*
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn 15 +22 +3
Assume the Stature of the Giants of Eld MuCo (An, He, Te) 10 (Magi of Hermes pg 49) +25*
Bind Wound CrCo 10 +33* +3
Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch CrCo 20 +33* +3
Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh InCo 10 +26* +3
Turb of Giants MuCo (An, He, Te) 25 (Magi of Hermes pg 49) +25* +3
Leap of Homecoming ReCo 35 +32*
Seven League Stride ReCo 30 +32*
Edge of the Razor MuTe 20 +23 +3
Hardness of Adamantine MuTe 25 +23 +3
Object of Increased Size MuTe 15 +23 +3
Hauberk of Supreme Lightness PeTe 30 +23 +3
Silvery Scales of the Knight CrTe(An) 30 +26 +3
Wizard’s Leap ReCo (An, He, Te) 15 Mastered 1(Fast Cast) +26*
Wizard’s Parry ReTe (He) 5 Mastered 1 (Fast Cast) +26 +3 (Magi of Hermes pg 50)
Wizard’s Communion MuVi 30 +23
Titan’s Gentle Slap Pe(Re)Co 25 +32* +3
*Includes bonus from Talisman
+3 indicates Special Circumstances bonus

Talisman: Staff with Compound Items (Wooden Staff and Amber stone) 12 pawns initially enchanted (enchanted the Amber stone of a composite item). 9 pawns used so far
1st Enchantment: Affix Spear Head (Touch the end of the staff to a normal spear head, the spear head becomes fixed to the staff as if properly mounted to it by a smith) ReTe R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual Base 3 2 for Metal, +1 Range, level 10, 6 uses per day +3 total 13 2 pawns
2nd Enchantment: Wood that neither Bends Nor Breaks MuHe(Te) 14 R: Per D: Sun T: Ind base 4
2 Sun, Modifications 1/2 day, Environmental Trigger +3 2 pawns
3rd Enchantment: Freeze the Belligerent Brigand (Touch with staff causes a person to become motionless) R: Touch D: Diameter T: Individual Base 5 +5 Range, +5 Duration, +4 (12 uses per day), Penetration bonus +6 (12 Penetration), total level 25 3 pawns
4th Enchantment Shreik of the Impending Shafts R: Personal D: Sub T: Hearing Base 2 +2 Sun, +3 Hearing, Modifications: uses per day 2 (
1), Environmental Trigger Total: 19 2 pawns
Opened Talisman Bonuses: +2 Repel Things, +4 Control/Destroy things at a distance (Staff), +3 Corpus (Amber gem)

New Spell:
Titan’s Gentle Slap Pe (Re) Co 25
R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual
Touch the target and cause a Medium wound, the Rego requisite also causes the target to be flung backwards as if from a heavy blow, 5 paces. This spell has increased the Target so as to be able to affect larger than normal sized being with human shaped bodies (Giants, etc)
Base 10+5 for Requisite (cause a wound and fling a body), R: +1, Target Size Increase: +1 (Can effect human bodies up to 15 feet tall) Total Level 25

Init: 0 Attack: +3 Defense: +3 Damage: +2
Init: 0 Attack: +4 Defense: +3 Damage: +5 (potentially +3 more with spells, but must Penetrate MR if used)
Init: +2 Attack: +9 Defense: +9 Damage: +4
Init: +3 Attack: +10 Defense: +8 Damage: +9 (potentially +3 more with spells, but must Penetrate MR if used)

Soak: 5 (without armor) 16 (in conjured armor that has been enhanced) 19 (with armor and Doublet of Impenetrable Silk added) 21 (with armor, doublet, and Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude)

Gear: Talisman staff, fine clothes for a succesful soldier or mercenary, 3 spearheads in a pouch (1 steel, 1 cold iron, 1 silver), dagger, backpack.

Load: 4 (in armor) 2 without armor
Encumbrance: 0


Alexei’s father was Wilhelm Von Kroitsau, Kroitsau being the name of the village that he lived in. Willhelm joined a Crusade at a young age and went to the Holy Land where he was reasonably succesful and came back a rather wealthy man, but refused to speak much of his times there. Some Crusaders met terrible fates in the desert of the foreign lands, others fell quite far from the stated ideals. Willhelm wasn’t necessarily more virtuous than others, but perhaps a bit wiser and managed to avoid pitfalls that others fell into. When his small mercenary group was hired by a strange Frankish man in robes to attack a distant oasis, he thought of nothing but the promise of pay.

The Moorish soldiers that protected the oasis fought like they were possesed, like the legends he had heard on the way to the Holy Lands, and even the ground and winds seemed to rise up with them. Willhelm and his men outnumbered them, but with the elements raging against them it was about even. They were about to fight what seemed to be the leader of the group when the Frankish man in robes appeared out of nowhere hurling bolts of flame. He incinerated the Moorish sorceror, but the land took on a giant’s form and crushed the Frankish wizard. Willhelm was the only one left and to his surprise the giant spoke to him, asking him to find something on the Sorceror’s person (a talisman) and crush it. Seeing an opportunity he bargained with the spirit. Though the translation was bad, the giant agreed to give Willhelm treasure that he knew of at the oasis, but in return Willhelm had to set him free, and because of the insult would ‘owe him the greatest treasure he would yet claim’. Willhelm didn’t see the downside and was rewarded with enough gold and jewels to live in comfort if he was careful.

He returned to his native Germany and took a wife who gave birth to his greatest treasure, Alexei. It was that night that the deal suddenly became clear to him. He strove to hide his son, who seemed both clever, strong and handsome, but the signs were growing with each birthday that the giant would soon come to claim him. In desperation he went to a forbidden place; a wizard’s abode and begged that they protect his son. The Magi were initially going to throw him out when they saw that he had the Gift (even though it was Gentle). They agreed to protect Alexei from the spirit, as long as he stayed within their lands. Willhelm agreed, as long as he could visit his son on occasion.

Alexei’s parens was a Flambeau who originally came from House Tremere, and had retired to live as a kind of warrior prince in one of the old covenants of the Black Forest Tribunal. His name was Tristan and he schooled Alexei in both his father’s craft as well as magic. He grew up on expeditions more often than his Parens’ sanctum, and learned how to gain the trust and respect of fighting men with great ease. Tristan had difficulties teaching him magic that extended beyond his touch, and so strengthened his martial skills as well as ways to enhance those magically by adhering to the tenets of the School of Ramius (founded by another former Tremere). Alexei’s was Gauntlet was to engage in a Wizard’s Melee at one of the House festivals and get close enough to cast a spell on Tristan’s rival’s apprentice. Shortly after he was officially declared a magus he joined the Milites and took their ideals to heart. While he doesn’t look at himself as some kind of mortal knight, he does feel that wizards, especially Flambeau, should have a code, beyond merely the Oath of Hermes.

He initially stayed at his Parens Covenant, but due to their long list of rules for advancement he did what many journeyman wizards in Germany do; he travelled from Covenant to Covenant, earning his keep and building his skills there. In return he often trained Grogs or would teach others his repertoire of spells to enhance men and arms. On one occasion he was asked to use his subtleties with magic to influence a mundane that was interfering with their covenant, but he refused as it would be beneath him (plus they refused to offer him full membership in return).

It was in the more recent years that he fell in with some French mercenaries that he made his grogs. He has only learned a small amount of French, just enough to give simple orders. From here he became acquainted with Apollodorus, and kept a long running correspondence with him that has culminated in his recent invitation. The two share a mutual appreciation of subtle magic as well as some respect and obligation to mundanes. Apollodorus was quite surprised that Alexei was a Flambeau that did not make it a habit of destroying or burning everything around him. Alexei in return found Appollodorus’s ambitions to be quite timely for his own needs and likes the lively conversations and correspondences they’ve had.

Alexei has made tracks for Autun. He was ready to move anyway, he’s been having a forboding feeling for the last few years, staying on the move seems to be a good idea. He thinks it has something to do with his father, who died while he was away. When he returned to Kroitsau, his friends lamented that his father had something important to tell him but never had the chance before he died. It was then that Alexei first started feeling like he was being watched…stalked.

Alexei has suspicions that a creatue is after him, but he doesn’t know what it is. His own parens never knew because his Parma as well as the Aegis were more than enough to keep him safe and hidden. Alexei often travels now so an Aegis is an infrequent luxury and he feels it’s only a matter of time before he finds the creature…or it finds him.

Alexei von Kroitsau

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