shield grog for Marcus


(stats are through 1222.4)

Gender: Male
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 142 lbs
Birth year: 1198
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Handedness: Left

Characteristics: Int 0, Sta +2, Str +2, Dex +1, Qik +4, Com 0, Prs 0, Per -3
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (1)

Personality Traits: Loyal +3, Brave +3, Jolly +2, Enjoys Fire +3
Virtues: Custos, Great Quickness, Tough
Flaws: Compulsion (singing, especially when under stress), Judged Unfairly, Poor Hearing

Equipment: Great sword, partial leather scale, gauntlets
Soak: +8
Great sword: Init +6, Attack +12, Defense +12, Damage +11
Dodge: Init +4, Defense +7
Gauntlet: Init +4, Attack +5, Defense +9, Damage +4
Fist: Init +4, Attack +4, Defense +7, Damage +2
Kick: Init +3, Attack +4, Defense +6, Damage +5
Encumbrance: 0

Athletics 3 (running)
Awareness 3 (threats against magi)
Brawl 3 (gauntlet)
Carouse 2 (drinking songs)
Charm 1 (first impressions)
Concentration 3 (defending)
Folk Ken 2 (first impressions)
Great Weapon 5 (great sword)
Guile 1 (quick lies)
Latin 3 (taking orders)
Low German 5 (Flemish)
Music 1 (singing)
Stealth 3 (quickly)
Survival 3 (building fires)
Swim 2 (quickly)


After scurrying from town to town for a while in Flanders, usually on the advice of local constables who had him pegged as a troublemaker, Falko befriended a strange fellow named Marcus (although the unfortunate details of their first meeting are best left forgotten). Marcus found it satisfying to have someone around who can not only guard his person but actually get the drop on him occasionally in friendly competition. For his part, Falko was fascinated by the pyrotechnics that Marcus can produce, and has composed several descriptive ditties about them, if you’d care to listen … although given his antagonistic relationship with tuning, odds are you would not care to.


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