Isen Flambonis

An Ice Magus


Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Pre +1, Com -2, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +2
Size: 0
Age: 58 (25), Height: 175 cm, Weight: 72 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0 (1)
Warping Score: 2 (4½)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Sigil: Ice or Ice crystals and/or Eyes flare blue

Virtues: Affinity with Parma Magica, Puissant Finesse, Affinity with Creo, Affinity with Rego, Book Learner (Book Quality: +3), Flawless Magic (Study Totals: Doubled for spell mastery), The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Magical Blood: Spirit, Minor Magical Focus (Ice) (Free School of Sebastian focus), Second Sight [Free from spirit blood. Note: Eyes turn totally blue], Unaging
Flaws: Ambitious, Rigid Magic, Infamous Master (Axion of Flambeau), Miles, Seeker, Social Handicap (Morose temperament) [Social Dealings: -3]

Personality Traits: Brave +3, Loyal (Familiar) +3, Determined +1, Introverted +2, Protective +1, Strong-Willed +3
Reputations: Flambeau House Acclaim (Magi Flambeaux) 1, Cold-Blooded Killer (Among magi) 3

Abilities: Artes Liberales 4 (cermonial magic), Athletics 1 (running), Awareness 3 (determining effect), Brawl 1 (Fist), Code of Hermes 1 (wizards’ marches), Concentration 1 (spell concentration), Etiquette 1 (nobility) (2), Finesse 4+2 (targeting), Folk Ken 2 (magi), French 3 (Norman), Greek 4 (hermetic usage) (4), Guile 1 (lying to authority), Intrigue 2 (alliances) (3), Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Leadership 2 (intimidation), Magic Theory 6 (Rego), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (history) (6), Parma Magica 10 (Mentem), Penetration 2 (Creo), Philosophiae 3 (ceremonial magic), Ride 2 (battle), Second Sight 3 (invisible things), Single Weapon 6 (Sword, Long), Stealth 1 (shadowing), Teaching 1 (Magic Theory), West Norse 5 (Danish)

Arts: Cr 19, In 2, Mu 10, Pe 6, Re 26, An 5, Aq 14, Au 4, Co 8, He 5, Ig 5, Im 2, Me 4, Te 7, Vi 4

Jade Imperium (Creator: Isen)
A jade ring, forged through Muto and Rego magics, with streams of basalt, magnet and mercury all converging to ensnare a glowing Amber gem.
Created: Winter 1211
- Talisman.
Vis Capacity: 34; Total Pawns Invested: 21
Total Effect Level: 182

  • Attunements: Jade + 4 aquam, Jewelry + 4 protect self, Basalt +3 Perdo, Amber + 3 corpus, Magnet + 4 Rego Corpus, Mercury +5 Muto, Magnet + 4 Rego Terram
  • Effect Name: Maintaining the Demanding Spell
    Effect Level: 31
    Effect Details: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, +6 Frequency: 50/day, +5 Maintains Concentration
    Like the normal spell, with a different (but same magnitude) duration. This is used to maintain concentration spells cast by Isen or the talisman, of level 20 or below.
    Arts: ReVi 20; Design: Base 10, +1 Conc, +1 Touch
  • Effect Name: Ward Against Heat and Flames
    Effect Level: 26
    Effect Details: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, +6 Frequency: 50/day
    Like the normal spell, but with Concentration Duration.
    When fire strikes the target, magical ice engulfs and protect the affected parts for as long as necessary
    Arts: ReIg 20; Design: Base 4, +1 Conc, +1 Touch, +2 for +15 damage
  • Effect Name: Wizard’s Ward versus Steel Weapons
    Effect Level: 26
    Effect Details: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, +6 Frequency: 50/day
    From the spell wiki, with Concentration Duration: This spell grants a +15 Soak against metal weapons. Attacks that inflict less damage than that are deflected away.
    (Note: As this uses the “Keep metal or gemstone away from you, under your conscious control”, it seems logical to me that this works only on attacks the caster is aware of)
    When metal strikes the target, magical ice engulfs and protect the affected parts for as long as necessary
    Arts: ReTe 20; Design: Base 4, +1 Conc, +1 Touch, +2 for additionnal +10 soak
  • Effect Name: Greater Cleansing of the Festering Wounds
    Effect Level: 25
    Effect Details: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, +5 Frequency: 24/day
    Taken from Jormungand spelllist (so I assume it to be okayed), but with Concentration duration.
    Give a character a +15 bonus to Recovery rolls
    Ice covers the wounds and melts into them
    Arts: CrCo 20; Design: Base 10, +1 Conc, +1 Touch
  • Effect Name: Sword of the Winter Knight
    Effect Level: 49
    Effect Details: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, Frequency: 12/day; Penetration: 60
    From the SpellWiki, but with Concentration duration: Conjure a longsword made of unnatural ice, which is as hard as steel. The sword only lasts for two minutes — about 20 combat rounds — but that is usually long enough to defend oneself in a single skirmish. The magically created sword must penetrate in order to harm opponents who have Magic Resistance. Note that creating artificial things with magic requires an Intelligence + Finesse roll, as noted on page 77 of ArM5. An Ease Factor of 6 is sufficient to make a sword of mediocre, but serviceable, workmanship.
    The Terram requisite ensures the sword’s durability.
    Arts: CrAq 15; Design: Base 3, +1 Conc, +1 Touch, +1 Unnatural Shape + 1 Requisite
  • Effect Name: Endurance of the Berserkers
    Effect Level: 25
    Effect Details: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, Frequency: 24/day
    As the normal spell, with Concentration duration
    Arts: ReCo 20; Design: Base 10, +1 Conc, +1 Touch)
  • Effect Name: The Leap of Homecoming
    Effect Level: 40
    Effect Details: R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind, Requisites: Animal, Herbam, Terram, Frequency: 24/day
    Arts: ReCo 35; Design: Base 35

Sword, Long: Init: +3, Attack +12, Defense +10, Damage +6
Dodge: Init: +2, Attack -, Defense +3, Damage -
Fist: Init: +2, Attack +3, Defense +4, Damage +0
Kick: Init: +1, Attack +2, Defense +2, Damage +3

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Spells Known and sigil:

  • Dagger of Ice (Cr(Re)Aq 10) + 51, Mastery 5 (multiple casting, fast casting, quick casting x2, penetration)
    Isen’s eyes glow brightly as the daggers materialize before him, before flying at his merest gesture
  • Fist of the North Star Cr(Re)Aq 25 +49, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
    Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Rego requisite, +4 damage (great size, jagged fragments and immense speed)
    Ice covers Isen’s arm, and a massive Ice fist covers his hand, striking with immense speed, its jagged spikes doing +25 dammage. As the spell is aimed by Rego, it does not need to roll to hit.
    Isen’s eyes glow brightly as the spell proceeds
  • Treacherous floor of slippery ice CrAq 10 + 49, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
    Base 3, + 1 Touch, + 1 Diam, + 1 size
    This spell creates a thin layer of ice on the ground before the caster, covering an area 10 paces wide and 20 paces long.
    Dexterity stress rolls are required to remain upright whenever a character on the ice does something more challenging than walking. A roll of 6+ is needed for the average maneuver, with rolls of up to 15+ needed to (for example) make a right turn at full speed on a smooth surface.
    Isen touches the ground before him, a pellicule of ice extending from there.
  • Shackles of the Frozen Ice (ReAq 10) + 49, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
    Isen’s eyes glow brightly, as he creates a tiny, floating, icy sphere that, at his command, flies into the water, who subsequently freezes instantly
  • Trap of the Deepest Winter CrAq 20 +35, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting)
    Base 3, +2 voice, +1 Conc (Will be maintained by the talisman^^), + 2 group
    Similar to “Shackles of the Frozen Ice” (ReAq 10), saves that it actually creates Ice. The Group target ensures a large enough block of ice is created to trap, well, a group. A target is normally totally covered in Ice, but may try to get out of the way, thus mitigating the effect, by doing a Dodge roll versus difficulty 6.
    If he fails, the target is totally enclosed.
    If he beats difficulty 6, he is trapped up to the neck.
    If he beats difficulty 9, he is trapped up to the chest.
    If he beats difficulty 12, he is trapped up to the waist.
    If he beats difficulty 15, he is trapped up to the knees.
    If he beats difficulty 18, he has both feet trapped.
    If he beats difficulty 21, he has only one foot trapped.
    Ice wave erupts from Isen’s hands, and covers the targeted area
  • Shield of the Frost Giant CrAq 30 +49, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
    Base 3 (Creates Ice in a natural shape), +2 Voice, +2 Sun, + 1 unnatural shape, + 2 size
    Similar to Wall of Protecting Stone, but with Ice.
    (There’s no size indications in the guideline, but it can’t be that much lower than the base individual for water, so I’ll assume it’s comparable to stone)
  • Piercing Ice Javelin Cr(Re)Aq 20 +49, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
    Base 3 (Creates Ice in a natural shape), +1 Rego, +2 Voice, +2 additional damage (size and strength)
    As “Dagger of Ice”, but creates instead a sharp, fast, javelin of Ice that does +15 damage.
  • Strong Arm of the Frost Giant Cr(Re)Aq 15 +49, Mastery 1 (quiet casting)
    Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Rego requisite, +1 Conc, +1 extra strength
    This creates over the caster’s arm an ice casing and fist similar to “Fist of the North Star”. However, that creation is more durable, and far less fast. Its purpose is not, in fact, combat, but rather heavy manipulation: it gives the caster the equivalent of +10 strength, but is only useful to lift large items, as the crude hands lack any ability to do any fine manipulation.
  • Freeze the Flow of Life ReAq(Co) 25 +44, Mastery 1 (obfuscated casting)
    Base 3 (change a liquid into ice), +2 voice, +1 part, +3 complexity
    This spell freezes the target’s blood, doing + 15 damage, which armor does not protect against. The target must be warmed within a few minutes of being struck with this spell, or it dies. For the spell to have any effect, casting requisites are required, and are Animal for beasts, Corpus for humans.
    (Similar magnitude, damage and effects than Curse of the Desert)
    The target’s eyes freezes, and Ice erupts from his bodily orifices, as well as from random parts of his body
  • Bind Wound (CrCo 10) + 29, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    A pellicule of ice forms over the wound, and appear to melt into it
  • Eyes of the Cat (MuCo(An) 5) + 15, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    Isen’s eyes glow briefly, and a thin pellicule of Ice form over them
  • Seven-League Stride (ReCo(AnHeTe) 30) + 28, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    Isen appears to freeze and break into a thousand pieces, while at the destination, an Isen-shaped statue appears and breaks to reveal his form
  • Wings of the Dove (ReCo 10) + 31, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting).
    Taken from the spell wiki: “This spell lets the caster, of Size +1 or less, move slowly through the air, at most as fast as a walk. He can carry up to 50 pounds of equipment with him, although this slows him accordingly, and more weight will ground him.”
    Isen’s eyes glow briefly, and ice crystals appear and disappear continuously around him
  • Wizard’s Leap (ReCo(AnHeTeAq) 15) + 29, Mastery 2 (stalwart casting, fast casting)
    Isen leaves icy footprints, that melt quickly
  • Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15) + 15, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    The doublet is covered by a thin layer of ice, that melts into it. When struck, a thin pellicule of Ice appears where the blow is struck, and stops it
  • Wizard’s Sidestep (ReIm 10) + 25, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    The side image has ice instead of eyes
  • Eyes of the Eagle (InIm 25) +6, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    Isen’s eyes glow blue
  • The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) + 27, Mastery 1 (magic resistance)
    The target appears to briefly freezes, and then fall into sleep
  • Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe 15) + 27, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting)
    Isen’s eyes glow briefly
  • The Silent Conspiracy (CrMe 15) + 25, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting).
    Form words in another’s mind. From spell wiki: While the caster concentrates, they can form words directly into the mind of anyone within sight. The target recognises your voice and knows the message is of supernatural origin.
    Judia of Tremere developed this spell so that she could coach or direct her consortis when he was speaking to mundanes on her behalf. Given her gift, this allowed her to remain back from the conversation, though still within earshot, whilst still having control over any terms of deals or bargains struck.
    A slight glow appears briefly in both Isen and the target’s eyes
  • Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10) + 34, Mastery 5 (multiple casting, Stalwart Casting, Precise Castingx3)
    The rocks briefly levitate before being propelled towards their target, while Isen’s eyes glow brightly
  • Rarefy the Crude Stone (CrTe 30) +35, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting).
    As “Rarefy the Crude Water”, with Stone
    Ice covers the affected stone and appears to partially melt and rejoin, bringing stone with it. Once the elemental is complete, it appears covered in ice, which it breaks to emerge.
  • Command the Living Stone (ReTe 20) +35, Mastery 1 (penetration).
    This spell allows the caster to control the actions of an Earth elemental up to Size 0, if the Penetration Total exceeds the elemental’s Magic Might. If the elemental is already under supernatural control, the most recent spell or power used is the one that commands it.
    An ice aura appears around Isen’s hands. When he gives an order, the elemental’s eyes flare blue briefly
  • Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 50) +39, Mastery 1 (stalwart casting).
    As the normal spell, but with 3 magnitudes for size, meaning its effective level is 35
    Icy winds batter the area for as long as the ritual is cast, and, in winter, ice and snow form more easily than it is normal
  • Watching Ward (ReVi 40) +39, Mastery 1 (tethered casting)
    The target of the ward is briefly covered in Ice. It reappears (and melts naturally) when the ward is used up
  • Wizard’s Communion (MuVi 30) +16, Mastery 1 (harnessed casting).
    As per the description, but, due to the duration, this only contributes level-10 to the Wizard’s Communion
    Any nearby water frozes

Helest, familiar
A black horse, whose crest and hoofs sprout a blue, cold flame
working on it…


Spell projects:

  • Hinder the Gift (ReVi 05)
    Like “Bind the Gift” (GotF p60), but only prevents the casting of spells of lvl 10 and lower.
    (Base: “Suppress a spell cast by another with level less than half the level + 5 magnitudes of the Vim spell”, 1 Touch, +1 Diam)
    => (05
    (5-2))/2 = 10
    A thin layer of Ice briefly covers the target’s hands and mouth
  • Combo: Intangible tunnel to various grogs, through which is cast The Gift of Vigor with Tethered Casting
    => Replenish fatigue?
  • Items for grogs:
    - Veil of Invisibility, personnal, concentration (+ maintain): lvl 20+ uses/day
    - Anti-mind control: PeVi (specific type) touch, mom, doesn’t work against effects from specific list (Mons Electi magi), linked trigger (does this need an InVi effect?) = lvl 26 + uses/day to destroy spells of lvl < 20
    - An item to create fog. CrAu base 3, like wreath of foul smoke, at least 12 uses
    - An item to create visual illusions. Base 1, +2 sight, + 2 sun = lvl 5 + uses per day
    - Bone daggers
    - Casts Doublet of Impenetrable Silk
    - Lesser items to teleport them. At least 12 uses per day. The farther, the better
  • a ring duration “maintaining the demanding spell”, with a collection for finger-sized rings. This can the used to maintain indefinitely other spells cast at duration: conc
    => lvl +2 m
    => range: Touch +1, D: ring +2, T: ind => maintain lvl -1 mag => lvl 25?
  • CrIg light spells. R: Touch +1, D: Conc +1, T: ind, base 5 => lvl 15
    So, for exemple, he casts the light spell, concentrates, and then casts the CrIg light spell. Instant, indefinite lighting. Useful for a lab.
    Also useful for a lab, the same thing for temperature, with
    CrIg base 2, +1 touch, +2 conc, + 2 room => lvl 15 to make the walls warm to the Touch.
    Note that, since the target of the spell must be inside the ring, this pauses limitations, making other spells impossible.

- Imprison elemental spell: Rego base 5, +1 touch, +1 Conc = 15 (lvl 20 for voice range)
The goal being to have this maintained by the ring. Possibly forever.
Question: must the ring be bound to the elemental, or can it be stored someplace? Anyway, this allows for bound elemental servants. I’d say that, since the maintained spell must remain “inside” the ring, it must remain with the elemental.
Note also that Isen can already do this with his Talisman but, due to the flickering, this is useless: an elemental would be releases at sunrise/sunset, since the maintain spell would fail to keep the Rego spell up.

At worst, a rego control spell and a ring inlaid in the ground (with a Maintain spell) can be used to contain indefinitely an elemental until it is needed.

- For the wall of ME:
an InTe spell that ascertain the wall’s state. Base 2, +1 touch, unlimited uses, magnitudes for size => probably lvl 15 +10 unlimited uses
Linked to a CrAq Ice spell, that creates a gigantic Ice Wall around the covenant for Sun duration. probably lvl 40, 1 use per day.

- for the ME structure:
A Structure-sized Invisible Eye Revealed spell to detect any Intangible Tunnel.
R: +1 touch, D: +1 conc, T: +3 struct = + 5 mag
The normal spell is + 2 mag => detect spells up to 2*(lvl-15) meaning a spell at least lvl 20, although lvl 25-30 would be better

Isen Flambonis

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