Pierre Legris

companion leader of the woolworkers


(stats are through 1226.4 – see character advancement)

Gender: Male
Height: 4’8"
Weight: 146 lbs
Birth year: 1184
Age: 43 (43)
Eyes: Indigo
Hair: None
Handedness: Right

Characteristics: Int -2, Sta 0, Str 0, Dex +2, Qik -2 (1), Com -2, Prs +2 (1), Per +2
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 1
Warping Score: 0
Confidence: 1 (3)

Personality Traits: Intimidating +2, Stubborn +2, Determined +3
Virtues: Covenfolk; Touched by Magic (Animal, Herbam); Enduring Constitution, Piercing Gaze, Puissant Craft: Wool, Social Contacts (merchants)
Flaws: Difficult Underlings; Greedy (Minor), Hunchback, Poor Student, Weak Characteristics

Equipment: knife
Soak: 0
Dodge: Initiative -2, Defense 0
Knife: Initiative -2, Attack +6, Defense +1, Damage +2
Fist: Initiative -2, Attack +4, Defense 0, Damage 0
Kick: Initiative -3, Attack +4, Defense -1, Damage +3
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, 0, -2, -4, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20); total reduced by 1

Area Lore: Bourgogne 5 (commerce)
Animal Handling 2 (sheep)
Awareness 4 (goods for sale)
Bargain 5 (woolen items)
Brawl 2 (knife)
Carouse 4 (endurance)
Craft: Wool 6+2 (28) (wondrous items)
Etiquette 3 (merchants)
Folk Ken 4 (6) (in shops)
French 5 (Bourguignon)
Guile 3 (diverting attention)
Intrigue 2 (6) (underlings)
Leadership 3 (5) (intimidation)
Survival 3 (shortcuts)



Pierre Legris is the unlikely leader of the woolworkers at Mons Electi. Granted, he is reputed to have learned the craft faster than any of the others; moreover, there are rumors that certain special woolen articles made by him have the ability to make alterations to other clothing, livestock, even the trees themselves. To look at Pierre, however, one would never see him as a leader: his unimpressive body is twisted by a constant hunch, his waistline a bit too large from a weakness for food and drink (though his endurance is beyond question). He does what he can to realize his authority, supplementing occasional time spent instructing his flock with an intimidating stare that has made grown men cry. He has even made a name for himself among area merchants, who know that the quality of his wares far exceed the quality of his frame. But something about him rubs the other woolworkers the wrong way: even though they are fine and gentle souls, their responses to his direction always seem to end in trouble. He certainly prefers his own ideas to those offered by others, as a general rule.

Pierre was born to a dockside foreman in the city of Mâcon; his family had a reasonable livelihood from the commerce up and down the Saône river, and the boy became known to several of the merchants who frequented the port. While his father always assumed that his unremarkable son would join the gray-clad laborers’ guild, Pierre had loftier plans. In what became a part of local lore, the nine-year-old won a marathon shouting and staring battle of wills with his father on the docks themselves. Soon thereafter, he was apprenticed to a local tailor, but estranged from his family.

His master was not a kind person. Pierre was forced to spend hours in cramped quarters, sorting the wools or sweeping the floors, as well as general back-breaking maintenance of the workshop. One obvious consequence was that he developed a terrible posture that no amount of later exercise could right; perhaps somewhat predictably, he also grew pugnacious with anyone who tried to teach him anything, or indeed who disagreed with his own ideas. Still, Pierre felt that he was destined for greatness in some way, and to everyone’s surprise he completed his apprenticeship. Rather than join the woolworker’s guild in Mâcon, however, he set out to explore the wider world, hitching rides on cargo barges or struggling along with caravans.

One year would see him acting as an unguilded journeyman in some Bourguignon city; the next might have him tending stock in the pastures, sleeping amongst the trees. Pierre developed his woolworking skills quite impressively, once he had the opportunity to teach himself the best ways of working. He also enjoyed his communion with the forests and its fauna, and more than once encountered virtuous beasts who seemed more curious about him than threatened. One such encounter, with a great stag, was key to Pierre’s future destiny: while chatting with merchant friends in Autun, he heard that an artist of some sort was trying to hunt the stag, not for sport or meat, but for the exposure needed to craft a sculpture.

He eventually arranged a meeting with this sculptor, a strange old man who seemed sinister from the first moment. Pierre’s first reaction was to abandon the whole transaction, but somehow he found himself agreeing to lead the artist to the great stag, a meeting that thrilled the older man, whose name was Apollodorus. After taking a few careful sketches, he thanked Pierre with an eyebrow-raising handful of silver coins, then casually asked if he wanted to help manage the wool commerce that flowed from his manor’s pastures; the prospect of an affluent lifestyle certainly appealed to the middle-aged tailor. Pierre inquired shrewdly about opportunities for craftsmen, and soon the two had agreed that Pierre would have a tailor’s workshop built for him, along with woolworkers to oversee and train.

Thus did Pierre Legris take up residence at Mons Electi. Before the first month was up, he had gained access to the magical regio (again to help Apollodorus track some magical beast) and instantly felt at home therein. He convinced the old artist to allow his workshop to be built inside the regio, and eventually took the second-generation woolworker Guilheum and the strange unkempt woman Blanche as his apprentices. He is seldom seen among the fields and shearing pens on the mundane lands of Mons Electi; that, together with his appearance, cause many whispered rumors about him among the covenfolk. Sadly, his difficulties in forming constructive training relationships are exacerbated by his aloofness, and he finds dealing with his underlings a nightmare; whenever possible he prefers tinkering in his workshop (about which yet more rumors are spun, these of wondrous items that draw on the power of the trees or the beasts), or accompanying the covenant’s teamsters and renewing his ties with area merchants.

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Pierre Legris

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