Spidersilk Weaver with a Checkered Past


Rashid, Spidersilk Weaver [color=#_]
An Outsider with strange ideas
Virtues Flaws
Warrior Outsider, social Major
Educated (Islamic)

Foreign Upbringing, m Social
Dutybound (Islam), m Personality
Disfigured, m General

Personality Traits : Inventive +3, Optimistic +2, Pious -1

Int +1 Per -1 Age: 35 (in 1223)
Pre +2 Com 0 Size: 0
Str -1 Sta -1 Confidence: 1/3
Dex +3 Qik 0 Warping:

Animal Handling 1 (giant spiders)
Artes Liberales 1 (grammar)*
Awareness 3 (inspecting goods)
Bargain 3 (selling)
Charm 3 (Christians)
Craft: Silk Weaver (innovation) 6
Etiquette 2 (Christians)
Folk Ken 2 (customers)
Islamic Law 2 (clothing)*
Islamic Theology 3 (debates)

Leadership 4 (apprentices)
Ride 2 (wagon)
Stealth 3 (avoiding armies)
Teaching 2 (theology)
Area Lore: Muslim Lands 3 (craftsmen)
Area Lore: Christian Iberia 2 (silk weavers)*
Area Lore: Italy 2 (silk weavers)*
Area Lore: Rhine Tribunal 2 (covenants)*
Area Lore: Normady Tribunal 1 (Mons Electi)*

NLang Arabic 5 (craft lingo)
Persian 2(commerce)*
Greek 2 (commerce)*
Latin 3 (commerce)

Brawl 2 (dodge)
Great Weapon 4 (sword)*

Init: Qik + Wpn -Enc = + Die
Attack: Dex + Brawl (knife) + AtkMod =
Defense: Quk + Brawl(knife) + DefMod =
DMG: Str + DmgMod + Attack Advantage =

Great Sword
Init: Qik + Wpn -Enc = + Die
Attack: Dex + Brawl (knife) + AtkMod =
Defense: Quk + Brawl(knife) + DefMod =
DMG: Str + DmgMod + Attack Advantage =

Innovation: 0
Raw Materials: 0
#Assistants: 0/5
Reputation: -3 (Outsider)

Workshop Total: Dex 3 + Craft: Silk 7 + Innovation 0 + Raw Materials 0 + (Sum(Assistant’s Craft)/2, round up) 0 = 10
Craft Level : Standard 6, +1 Scarce Materials, +1 Magical Aura = 8
Labor Points: Workshop Total 10 * Wealth 3 = 30
Maintenance Cost: 36 Labor Points


Rashid has had a colorful and checkered past, in large part due to the Reconquista movement in Iberia. Though a peaceful man at heart, he picked up the sword when his wife and children died at the hands of a bizarre unkillable demon (see Phoenix, 2.4 – Investigating the Refugees) that mutiliated his own face in a refuge camp and did not put it down until his blood-thirst had been sated.

It was roughly then that he discovered Phoenix Covenant, an oasis for him to heal in. His skills were in little demand, for these Christians couldn’t produce silk in this climate even if they had known how. Even though he continued to participate in the Muslim community in Phoenix, he faith began to dwindle, and his adherence to his religion became a matter of fitting in among his peers, rather than pious belief. When he discovered that Viscaria had befriended a giant, female spider, he became obsessed with applying his knowledge of silkweaving to the new material, and his piety became a very lame creature indeed.

Forsaking the comforts of the flesh, as much out of mourning as religious duty, Rashid throws himself entirely into experimenting with this new material. Though nominally claimed as a Forge Companion by Viscaria, she has yet to use him in this capacity, and seems to mostly just be funding his odd experiments out of a sense of obligation for his losses.


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