Woodsman with a troubled past


Int: 0
Per: +2
Pre: 0
Com: 0
Str: 0
Sta: 0
Dex: +2
Qui: +1

Size: 0
Age: 34(34)
Born: 1194
Height: 5’6" (168 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Handed: Right
Warping Score: 0(0)
Confidence: 1(3)

Affinity with Bows
Affinity with Survival
Keen Vision
Puissant Bows
Sharp Ears
Ways of the Forest

Dark Secret: killed her father when she was young.
Anchored to the Forest
Poor (lost when he became a covenant employee after Fall of 1222)
Transvestite (lost as result of faerie adventure in Summer 1228)

Area Lore: Bibracte (woodlands) 2
Area Lore: Regio side (woodlands) 3(17)
Athletics (climbing trees) 2
Awareness (in the forest) 3 (3)
Bargain (staples) 1
Bowmaking (making bowstrings) 3
Bows (short bow) 8+2(15)
Brawl (knives) 3
Concentration (tracking) 2
French (forestry) 3(5)
Guile (acting like a man) 2
High German (native)(outdoorsy) 5
Hunt (tracking) 3(7)
Latin (forestry) 3(12)
Order of Hermes Lore 0(2)
Stealth (in natural areas) 2
Survival (dressing game) 6(12)
Teaching (outdoorsy stuff) 1
Thrown Weapon (knives/daggers) 2

Personality Traits
Independent +2
Quiet +1
Unforgiving +2

Maneuver Init Atk Dfn Dmg
Dodge -1 +4
Fist -1 +5 +4 +0
Dagger -1 +7 +4 +3
Knife -1 +6 +4 +2
Kick -2 +5 +3 +3
Short Bow -2 +16 +12 +6
Throwing Knife -1 +5 +3 +2

Equipment: Load
Dagger: 0
Knife: 0
Throwing Knife: 0
Short Bow: 2
Arrows (qty: 24): 0
Heavy Leather Armor (Soak: 2): 3


Wilhelm der Förster (the Forester) is, in truth, Wilhelma Hiltprantin, a girl who practically grew up in the forest along with her father and a couple of brothers. One evening, as the ten-year-old girl was returning from her hunt/tracking/hanging out in the woods, she caught her father in the arms of another woman. Over the next few weeks, she would learn that this was nothing out of the ordinary…and that her mother had no clue that Hiltprant was about as unfaithful as they come. The anger grew in young Wilhelma until, finally, her father met with a hunting “accident”. Wilhelma swore up and down to the Vogt that she had no idea her father was where he was, and that it was sheer misfortune that she missed the deer she was shooting at and that the arrow found her father’s throat instead.

Although the Vogt had his suspicions, he couldn’t bring himself to believe that this ten-year-old girl would be capable of cold-blooded murder, and he let her go. Not long after, Wilhelma cut her hair short, stole her brothers’ clothes, and took off for somewhere else. Now calling herself “Wilhelm” and living as a boy, he was able to live off the land for a couple of years. Her second winter in the wilds was especially harsh, however. Faced with starvation and possibly freezing to death, she sought shelter in what turned out to be Durenmar’s Charter House. He found a kindred spirit in Silviatos, who was as devoted to preserving the wilds and protecting the forest as Wilhelm is.

It took a while for Silviatos to discover that Wilhelm is actually a woman, and the magus knows that there is a dark secret in his past (from the way that Wilhelm is skittish around strangers, always keeps an eye on anyone he doesn’t know, and that there are some things that the hunter won’t discuss…like his childhood).

(Note: the Wanderer Social Status was chosen to reflect the fact that, although Wilhelm may have a shack in a covenant, he doesn’t consider himself a part of the covenant and prefers to live apart from the covenant, and what loyalty he has is to an individual magus, or companion or grog, and not to the covenant.)

In the fall of 1221, his shack was destroyed in the flooding that devastated parts of the surrounding area, and he was spent the rest of the year and into the next spring as a reluctant guest of the covenant.

1220: 16 experience points in French (forestry), 14 experience points in Area Lore: Bibracte (woodlands).
1220 (Summer): 10 xp Story Experience from Onesiphorus’s season. 5 xp in Bargain (increasing from 0 to 1), 5 xp in Survival.
1221: French (forestry) 16 xp (raising score from 0 to 2), Area Lore: Bibracte (woodlands) 14 xp (raising score from 0 to 1).
1222: Latin 17 xp (taught by Otto), Area Lore: Regio side 12 xp, Area Lore: Bibracte 1 xp.
1223: Latin 17 xp (taught by Otto), Area Lore: Regio side 13 xp
1223 (Winter): 7 xp from Don’t Forget the Blacksmith of Brandywine. 3 xp in Latin, 4 xp in Hunt.
1224: Athletics 10 xp, French 14 xp, Area Lore: Regio side 6 xp.
1225: Bows 20 xp, Area Lore: Regio Side 6 xp.
1226: Bows 20 xp, Survival 10 xp.
1227: Bows 10 xp, Area Lore: Regio Side 10 xp, Survival 10 xp.
1228: Bows, 10 xp + Affinity; French, 5 xp; Latin, 5 xp; Survival, 5 xp; Teach, 5 xp (raising his score from 0 to 1).
1228 (Summer): 8 xp Story Experience from his dealings with his family.


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