character sketches

For characters with a little bit of story but no character sheet.

Amauri: a sort of jack of all trades, master of none who ended up as a shepherd in the fields after trying several other jobs around the covenant. Quite a bit stronger than he looks, experience with many different tasks, clearly committed to staying at Mons Electi. Hasn’t been particularly successful at any one job, doesn’t speak at all. Assigned to the magical quarrying team.

Ariel ex Flambeau, filia Thoros: the current Prima of House Flambeau, elected in 1222 after Garus’s death. Thought to be somewhat young for the position, she was not invited to join Castra Solis, and instead is rebuilding the covenant of Val Negra in the Provençal Tribunal. In 1193 when Tranquillina completed her Gauntlet at the covenant of Burnham in the Stonehenge Tribunal, Ariel was at Burnham as well; the two were of a similar age, and so they spoke often, although they were not extremely close friends. Still, they were of similar enough minds that both magae accompanied Maximianus when he founded the covenant of Nigrasaxa in 1201, in disgust over the lack of quorate Tribunal meetings in Stonehenge. Ariel played an assisting role to Tranquillina and Maximianus in organizing the Nigrasaxa Tribunal meetings of 1201 and 1208. Ariel is proficient with Ignem of course and also Auram, and decent in Corpus thanks to Maximianus’s influence; she lacks skill in Intellego magic and is not particularly insightful in the laboratory. While she has training in combat and does have excellent reaction time, she is clumsy enough to rely on her Parma Magica and spell Penetration rather than mundane weapons.

Aurelentus ex Jerbiton: a seventh son of a seventh son, this magus is deeply concerned with his family. He has developed many spells concerned with health, fertility, and care for children. He is of course a Corpus specialist, and his greatest magical feat was original research into a Longevity Ritual that does not render him infertile. His familiar is a long-lived tortoise named Zeno. Sometime around 1208, he visited the Stonehenge covenant of Voluntas; while he was there, Tranquillina learned of his interest in human fertility, and wrote him an introductory letter and received one in return, which included some comments about the relationship of Intellego Corpus magic and penetrating magic resistance. The two have not corresponded since, until Tranquillina wrote him a letter early in 1224. (taken from Magi of Hermes, which doesn’t specify a home covenant or location, except to suggest that his family hails from Greece)

Benner: a former professor at the University of Paris. (Com +3, Teaching 6, Latin, Arabic, Welsh, Ancient Greek, other languages, all at scores of 6)

Dragonse de la Vitesse: part of the turb that came from Astingani. Stands out from the turb for his reflexes, commands a small squad and lectures them on loyalty, stronger than average. Not particularly comfortable interacting with magi, unclear whether he considers himself adaptable to a different role.
Stats: Str +1 Pre +1 Dex +1
Skills: Single Weapon 4, Ride 4, Animal Handling 2, Awareness 1, Bow (Crossbow) 3, Church Lore 2, Latin 2, Area Lore 3, Etiquette 2
Virtues: Custos, Inspirational, Lighting Reflexes
Flaws: Dutybound, Humble, Pious (minor)

Edward le Grand: an Englishman who came in around 1221 to help rebuild the wall; also helps with whatever needs to be done around the covenant (construction, teamster, brute squad, what have you). Large, strong as an ox, has no trouble following orders if he understands them. Doesn’t seem all that bright, his French is mediocre; ideally, should have an English speaker to help him if it’s more complex than “lift this and move it over there”. Assigned to the magical quarrying team.

Findabair Ex Miscellanea: a maga at Cad Gadu, the domus magna of House Ex Miscellanea in the Stonehenge Tribunal. She is young and stunningly beautiful in all of the conventional ways: long blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect slender figure. Her ability to remain so attractive despite her love for food and drink can be traced to her proficiency in Muto magic. She does have a reputation as something of a seductress. Because the cohesion of her House is so scant, the status of her covenant is less than impressive; Findabair would rather indulge her own pleasures than take action to help her covenant. Tranquillina has met her in person on one occasion, on a visit to Cad Gadu in 1217, but otherwise knows her only through hearsay.

Flavius Ex Miscellanea: a member of the Winter covenant of Ungulus, on the coast of the Stonehenge Tribunal in the Lake District. He specializes in Animal magic; he likes to wear magnificent robes and carry enchanted items to remind others of his covenant’s resources. He is frustrated by the imminent disintegration of his covenant due to oncoming Twilights and, rather than abandon it altogether, would prefer to maintain the status quo and survive long enough to recruit young magi to replace his sodales. He has been at Ungulus almost a century, since his apprenticeship, and remembers its glory days – the impressive output of its Verditius magi, and epic battles with a local dragon. Flavius is the member of Ungulus who is interested in Hermetic politics; it was at the Nigrasaxa Tribunal meeting of 1201 that Tranquillina first met him, and they have corresponded infrequently since then, about Tribunal rumors and issues. In recent years, Blackthorn has been mounting a subtle campaign to destabilize Ungulus. Most recently, they have been using subtle magic to harm the cattle. It took Ungulus a while to notice, as they did nothing flashy, just reducing the amount of milk the cows gave and increasing the frequency and severity of disease. After they discovered that magic was involved, they analyzed the sigils of the spells and determined that Blackthorn’s magi were responsible, including Goliard, their representative at Tribunals. Unfortunately, the traces of the spells faded before the firsthand evidence could be brought to other magi’s attention.

Gennon des Vers: a sheep shearer who is known to recite poetry to groups of friends when relaxing after the day’s labors. Knows a fair bit of Latin, considered a man of discretion by friends who confide in him, obviously intelligent. Many social ties with other covenfolk, hence a danger of word leaking out; can a shearer be trusted with fine detailed cutting? Assigned to Rashid’s workshop.

Goliard ex Tremere: a Tremere maga at Blackthorn, the preeminent covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal, situated in a complex of caves in in southern Wales. She is an effective negotiator as leader of Blackthorn, always attempting to fulfill any bargain into which she enters. She is quite keen to forge relationships with other covenants, but most of them are wary of getting entangled with Blackthorn schemes to return to dominance within the Tribunal. Tranquillina was one of the few people at Stonehenge meetings who seemed willing to treat Goliard’s overtures at face value. Early in Goliard’s career, she halted a series of rockslides in the Black Mountains that were being caused by an elemental spirit; as far as anyone knows, that spirit is still under her control. She was also lost at sea for four years (or at least, she washed up on shore after being missing). It is generally thought that her strong Parma Magica is the reason she survived these last two events.

Hermessent: a milkmaid who has filled several different servant roles at the covenant as well, including assisting the butchers. Strong enough to keep an animal still when slaughtering it, and knows how to dissect the meat from the livestock; has performed several different tasks already. Not as smart as some of the others, and it’s possible she prefers being a milkmaid over a servant because of a jitteriness around magic. Assigned to Rashid’s workshop.

Jost von Aichstatt: a German carpenter who immigrated from Baden when Apollodorus was first establishing the covenant. There has not been as much demand for his work as he had hoped. Already knows the basics of carving, just needs to translate from wood to stone; is used to working with magi; vetted by Apollodorus in the first place. Is an adequate carpenter at best, hopefully will be able to use the tools to do a good job carving the stones; hasn’t found another role at Mons Electi despite having little work. Assigned to the magical quarrying team.

Julia ex Jerbiton, a matura maga who represents the vigorous Stonehenge covenant of Voluntas to the rest of the Order. Hermetically she specializes in Corpus and Mentem, and she and Tranquillina have corresponded on these topics in the past; Voluntas’s library is extensive and has an excellent reputation, and Julia often allows other magi study access at good prices. They first met while Tranquillina was still an apprentice (in 1190 when Julia came to Burnham to welcome Maximianus to the Tribunal) and have had numerous interactions since then, most notably while organizing the “rogue” quorate Tribunal meeting in 1201, a feat which Julia takes more credit for than Maximianus feels she deserves. Fascinated by politics in both the order and the mundane realm, Julia moved to Stonehenge during the civil war to study its shifting alliances. She gradually came to appreciate Blackthorn’s stranglehold on the Tribunal, and her interest shifted from Henry II to Hermetic politics. It was Julia who lobbied by Tria’s side to get Maximianus to move to Stonehenge in the first place. Currently she is all but obsessed with continuing to weaken Blackthorn.

Muirenn ingen Cherbaill: an Irish woman who showed up with her infant daughter Echrad and has been doing odd jobs and manual labour around the covenant every since. Big and strong, for a woman; has shown a willingness to do whatever she needs to do, within reason, and learns quickly. Is a mother of a five-year-old girl, so she may have distractions or other obligations that she might place first; almost never talks about her life before she arrived here, so some questions about her character. Assigned to the magical quarrying team.

Stats: Str +1 Sta +2 Per +1
Skills: Single Weapon 4, Ride 2, Awareness 3, Bow (Crossbow) 4 , Area Lore 2, Latin 2, Premonitions 4
Virtues: Custos, Premonitions, Tough
Flaws: Arthritis, Pessimistic, Obsessed (protect troop)

Stats: Qik +1 Str +1 Per +1
Skills: Single Weapon 4, Ride 4, Animal handling 2, Awareness 3, Bow (Crossbow) 3 , Area Lore 3, Latin 2, Second Sight 2
Virtues: Custos, Clear thinker, Second Sight
Flaws: Pessimistic, Hatred (Capuchonnes), Reckless

Phelippe: part of the turb that came from Astingani. Has already been trusted with certain duties inside the regio, including vis gathering; used to dealing with magi, doesn’t need to be taught things twice. Has two sisters, one who works in the fields and another who works as a maid, both of whom seem unhappy here; would he consider leaving the covenant if they wished it?

Stephen Eruditus ex Jerbiton: founder, in 1213, of the covenant of Libellus in the Stonehenge Tribunal. A Mentem specialist, a great consumer of histories of ancient Rome and its poets, and a devout Christian. Around 70 years old; trained in the Rhine Tribunal. Reputation as a risk-taker, in magic and in Hermetic life, which might explain why he left a comfortable home to start a covenant in the middle of nowhere in a Tribunal with tenuous politics. Tranquillina and Stephen met at the Stonehenge Tribunal of 1215: they discovered a mutual interest in rulers of ancient Rome, and their political discussions tend to draw analogies to historical events related to those emperors.

Susane d’Ausi: a daughter of a prosperous family, who came to Mons Electi to work as a seamstress. Very used to measuring cuts carefully beforehand, speaks some Latin, respected for the quality of her work. Quite physically weak, maintains ties to family in Autun.

Thamik ex Verditius: a jovial, slightly portly magus of age 50 or so at the Nigrasaxa covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal, where Tranquillina lived for twenty years. Unsurprisingly, he is a genius in the laboratory, especially when he can pair his enchanting prowess with his knack for woodworking. (He has certainly been known to get distracted by a fine carving or excellent piece of wooden furniture.) He loves spending time in the forest, and he studies Herbam almost to the exclusion of all other Forms. Thamik was Tranquillina’s closest friend at Nigrasaxa; she confided quite a lot in him, including her torturous apprenticeship under Cumhachd and the vis-charged accident that changed her being. Due in large part to wanting to help her understand her condition, Thamik has been studying Vim on and off over the past two decades, and the two of them often correspond about that subject (as well as past nostalgia).

Stats: Qik +1 Str +1 Sta +2 Per -2
Skills: Single Weapon 4, Ride 4, Animal Handling 3, Awarness 1, Bow (Crossbow) 3, Folk Ken 3, Area Lore 2, Latin 2
Virtues: Animal Ken, Custos, Enduring Consitution
Flaws: Animal Companion (rat), Missing Ear, Temperate

character sketches

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