Daughters of Circe

The Daughters of Circe (Kores tes Kirkes) is an ancient, albeit minor, cult that dates back thousands of years. In spite of the sect’s age, it has always been very small – in fact, it is believed that there are now as many Daughters of Circe within the Order (four) as there are without. The Daughters (who are always women) have focused on the twin arts of transforming others and of crafting potions, as well as their knowledge of drugs and herbs (reflected in their Mythic Herbalism virtue). They have made their homes in secluded areas along the coast of the Aegean, Ionian, and Adriatic Seas (either on islands or hard-to-reach beaches or in caves).

Shortly after the Schism War, the Filii Pralicis actively sought out new traditions to bring into the Order, in an attempt to rejuvenate it after losing so many magi in the War (and if the new traditions just…happened to bolster the House, so much the better). In the middle of the eleventh century, they were able to track down one of the Daughters of Circe on an island in the Adriatic, off the coast of Bulgaria in either the Theban or Transylvanian Tribunal. The Pralixian took almost three years to explain the Order to Mirella (Fiona’s mater’s mater) and the benefits of membership before Mirella joined. Mirella feared that the other Daughters would not take kindly to her joining an order that, by definition, was sworn to kill them and thus decided to move far, far away, eventually settling in the British Isles.

Major Non-Hermitic Virtue: Mythic Herbalism (reflecting the Daughter’s extensive knowledge of drugs and herbs)

Minor Hermetic Virtue: Minor Magical Focus – Transformation

Major Hermetic Flaw: Rigid Magic

Required Virtue: Inventive Genius (reflecting their skill in making potions)

Daughters of Circe

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