Owner: Tranquillina Bonisagi
Location: in the mansion on the regio side, one floor below ground level (Jormungand’s former quarters)
Names added to sanctum marker: Tranquillina (a second name has been sanded into illegibility)

(stats through 1228.4)

Size: +1 (650 sq. ft.)
Occupied Size: 0
Refinement: +3
Base Safety: +3

Aesthetics: +5
Corpus: +5
Creo: +2
Familiar: impossible
General Quality: +3
Health: +3
Ignem: +1
Items: +1
Safety: +8
Upkeep: +2
Vis Extraction: impossible
Warping: +0

Virtues and Flaws
Highly Organized (Free Outfittings Virtue): General Quality +1
Lesser Expansion (Minor Outfittings Virtue): Corpus +1, General Quality +1, Upkeep +2
Lesser Feature (Minor Structure Virtue): Aesthetics +1, Corpus +1
Magical Heating (Free Supernatural Virtue): Aesthetics +1, Health +1, Ignem +1
Missing Equipment (Minor Outfittings Flaw): Aesthetics -1, Upkeep -1; Familiar and Vis Extraction impossible
Spacious (Minor Structure Virtue): Aesthetics +1, Safety +2
Specimens (Minor Outfittings Virtue): Aesthetics +1, Corpus +1, Upkeep +1
Spotless (Free Outfittings Virtue): Aesthetics +1, Creo +1, Health +1
Superior Construction (Free Structure Virtue): Aesthetics +1, Safety +1
Superior Equipment (Free Outfittings Virtue): General Quality +1, Safety +1, Vis Extraction +1
Superior Tools (Free Outfittings Virtue): Safety +1, Items +1
(currently room for one more Minor Virtue)

Magical items
Amphora of Spring Breezes: Health +0.5
Cabinets to Sustain Specimens, displayed proudly along the east wall of the lab: Corpus +1, Creo +1
Flambeau’s Furnace (provides Magical Heating)
Pedestal of Perpetual Preservation, holding a corpse in a place of honor in the northwest section of the lab: Corpus +1
Succor of the Toiler’s Arches: Health +0.5

Vis usage

Spring 1226
4 pawns Vim: fixing two Arcane Connections

Summer 1227
3 pawns Corpus: payment to a Redcap

Winter 1227
5 pawns Creo: paid for Flambeau’s Furnace

Winter 1228
2 pawns Vim: fixing an Arcane Connection


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