Lab Texts Form Cost
The Wizard’s Mount CrAn 35 7
The Gentle Herd (Covenants 51) (2 copies) ReAn 20 4
Rarefy the Crude Water:
As the regular spell, but up to size +12 – might 35 elemental
CrAq 50 10 Isen
Jupiter’s Resounding Blow CrAu 10 2
Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu15 3
Bind Wound CrCo 10 2
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body CrCo 20 Rit 4
Cheating the Reaper (Casting Tablet) CrCo 30 12
Incantation of the Body Made Whole (Casting Tablet) CrCo 40 Rit 16
Twist of the Tongue PeCo 30 6 Tranq
Strings of the Unwilling Marionette ReCo 25 5 Tranq
Seven League Stride ReCo 30 6
The Bookstand of Hespera (Enchanted Item) ReHe 20 Viscaria
The Tireless Wooden Servant (Enchanted Item) ReHe 40 Viscaria
Ward Against Heat and Flames ReIg 25 5
Ward Against Mundane Intrusions (Covenants 104) ReIg(AnAqHe)50 7(10)
Eternal Repetition in a Bottomless Pool (Item) CrIm 36 Viscaria
Eyes of the Eagle InIm 25 5 Isen
Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm 10 2
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie InMe 20 4
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit PeMe 20 4
Rarefy The Crude Stone
(RoP:M 133, Creates elemental from any naturally occurring concentration of suitable size,
max Might 15, Size 0)
CrTe 30 Viscaria
Conjuring the Mystic Tower CrTe 35 7
Gleam of the Freshly Polished Glass (Covenants 122) PeTe25 5
Wizard’s Communion MuVi30 6
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi 20 4
Maintaining the Demanding Spell ReVi 20 4
Aegis of the Hearth
The Aegis lab text is for an Aegis with a boundary sufficiently large to cover the entire top of Mont Beuvray at 4th magnitude protective level.
Additionally, there are several Aegis of the Heart rituals 10th, 15th and 20th magnitude, which are sized for Mons Electi, and standard sized. The one sized for Mons Electi are at 7th, 12th and 17th magnitudes of effectiveness.
ReVi 35 Rit 6
Watching Ward, ReVi 40 8 Isen
Exactly to Scale (True Lineages 139) ReAq (Me) 10 2 1
A Simple Method of Rapid Vallation (True Lineages 141) CrTe 35 7 1
Tree Falling In The Forest (Societates 36) PeHe 30 6 1, 2
Test of the Flames CrIg15 3 3
Pilium of Fire CrIg20 4 3
Shriek of the Wooden Shafts InHe15 3 3
Howl of the Steel Weapons InTe15 3 3
Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat PeVi15 3 3
Wings of Soaring Wind Cr(Re)Au30 6 4
Gentle Touch of Asclepius CrCo30r 6 4
Leap of Homecoming ReCo35 7 4
Hide from Prying Eyes(As Veil of Invisibility, with R: Personal, D: Conc) PeIm10 2 4
Transfer the Essence of Vis ReVi15 3 4
Palm of Flame CrIg5 1 5
Arc of Fiery Ribbons CrIg25 5 5
Coat of Flame CrIg25 5 5
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn15 3 6
Aegis of Unbreakable Wood MuHe15 3 6
Sword from the Unseen Scabbard CrTe15 3 6
Hardness of Adamite MuTe25 5 6
Hauberk of Sublime Lightness PeTe30 6 6

1 Part of The Architect’s Tool Chest
2 Voice range variant.
3 Part of The Grimoire of Roberto of Flambeau
4 Part of The Tome of Novus Mane
5 Part of The Pyromancy of Incidius
6 Part of The Scrolls of Santiago

Books about Arts


A Primer on Origination (Creo Summa, Level 6, Quality 21)

Bone and Sinew, by Maximianus Bonisagi (Creo Summa, Level 15, Quality 11)

Soothing Mother’s Bunions, by Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi (Creo Tractatus, Quality 14).

A treatise on the treatment aches and pains in the elderly.


Peering into the Aether, by Fulminous ex Miscellanea (Intellego summa, Level 14, Quality 11).


In Flux Veritas (Muto Summa, Level 12 Quality 20)

Written by the apprentice of Mutante of Mercere, this is often considered to be an essential book on the Technique of Muto. As it was written by a Mercere it was widely circulated throughout the Order as the Order spread. A tradition of sorts arose with the spread of the text, there are several Commentaries (Covenants pg 90) written about this text that have also spread with it, some achieving a similar amount of gravitas and fame. When one seeks to get the Summa In Flux Veritas, one invariably seeks out some of the many well-maintained Commentaries that were published along with it. The particular copy in the Mons Electi library contains many annotations in the margins, made by Tranquillina Bonisagi.
  • Commentary: Hastus of Bjoernaer (Quality 12).
    One of the first and most complimentary of the Commentaries. Hastus was so impressed with the text that he entered into service for the Mercere, often helping their Redcaps through the most dangerous parts of the Black Forest of Germany.
  • Commentary: Desiderus of Flambeau (Quality 12).
    This wizard is probably more famous as being one of the early causalties in the Schism War, dying in an ill conceived plan to attack a Diedne mystical site. What makes this somewhat unique is that his plan seems to be hastily scrawled on the last page of the text.
  • Commentary: Obesarus of House Verditius (Quality 12).
    A scathing rebuttal of the virtues of Muto and Mutante’s premises. Obesarus’s contention is that Muto is unable to help him ‘change’ his extraordinary obesity (linked some say to both his Gift and his rather gluttonous behavior) and proclaims that Muto should mostly be done away with as a Technique altogether, that Rego, Creo and Perdo more effectively do the job of Muto.


The Grandest Jest, by Garkin ex Tytalus (Perdo Summa, Level 15, Quality 10).


The Stag, The Hound, and The Prince of the Seven Crowns (Rego Summa, Level 16 Quality 15)

Control, by Xenophon of Tremere / Apollodorus of Jerbiton, in Ancient Greek. (Rego Summa, Quality 25, Level 35 Summa). An attached note cautions the reader to be able to cast 2nd magnitude Rego spells “as there may be an unintended side effect.” The note further admonishes students to keep the book away from Tremere.


Knowing the Beast Without, by Mikhail ex Bjornaer (Animal Summa, Level 15, Quality 11).


The Call of the Deep, by Thul of Merinita, acquired via Isen. (Aquam Summa, Level 20, Quality 11).


A Testament to the Power of the Heavens (Auram Summa, Level 16 Quality 15).


Illuminating the Body Human, by Marius ex Bonisagus (Corpus Summa, Level 16, Quality 15).

The Quality of the text includes the following Resonances: The vellum is made from human skin, the ink is composed of human blood, and the cover boards are human bone that has been Regoed to their current shape.

Appendix of Mother’s Ailments, by Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi (Corpus Tractatus, Quality 14).

A hermetic description of Methuselah’s aging Mother’s ailments.

1st Tropaea from 1221 Tribunal, by Cannophori Methuselah (Corpus Tractus, Quality 15)

Two extremely large and unwieldy tractatus written by Cannophori. Each is quite large, the size of 6 books (physically, they are as tall as a man) as he didn’t want the individual tractatus to be spread amongst several actual volumes he attempted to combine all the volumes into one book. The quality of each is 15, which completes redeeming of prize pawns.

2nd Tropaea from 1221 Tribunal, by Cannophori Methuselah (Corpus Tractus, Quality 15)

Two extremely large and unwieldy tractatus written by Cannophori. Each is quite large, the size of 6 books (physically, they are as tall as a man) as he didn’t want the individual tractatus to be spread amongst several actual volumes he attempted to combine all the volumes into one book. The quality of each is 15, which completes redeeming of prize pawns.


The Secret Lives of Our Verdant Brethren, by Henrike ex Merinita (Herbam Summa, Level 16, Quality 12).


Prometheus’s Gift: Blessing or Curse?, copied from the Durenmar library (Ignem Summa, Level 20, Quality 10).


Alberich’s Colloquy on Appearances (Imaginem Summa, Level 6, Quality 21).


Anima et Eius Natura, copied from the Durenmar library (Mentem Summa, Level 18, Quality 12).


The Slumbering Giant, by Fenicil filius Guernicus scholae Guernicus (Terram Summa, Level 25, Quality 10).

This perfect, clarified copy is considered by many to be among the most prized summae in the order. Viscaria fillia Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus keeps it secretly stashed inside her Tentacular Trunk of Many Uses. However, someone looking to learn Terram may be able to borrow her Perfectly Ordinary Mirror to read it.


Twilight’s Inevitable Triumph, by Istavan ex Criamon (Vim Summa, Level 14, Quality 9).

Books about Abilities


Threading the Hermetic Needle, copied from the Durenmar library (Finesse Summa, Level 6, Quality 12).


All the Plants of the World, and Their Various Abilities Mystic and Mundane, by Richard Overfork ex Miscellanea (Herbalism Summa, Level 7, Quality 14).

Magic Theory

Unifying Principles of our Magic, by Arturo ex Bonisagus (Magic Theory Summa, Level 6, Quality 17).

The Architect’s Tool Chest, by Hermanus of Tremere (Magic Theory Summa, Level 9, Quality 10+1 (glossed)).

A summa on Magic Theory, with an emphasis on defensive applications. Includes three lab texts as illustration of various principles.

Longevity Ritual Primer, by Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi (Magic Theory Tractatus, Quality 14).

A thorough primer on the creation of longevity rituals.

Eternal Perfection, by Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi (Magic Theory Tractatus, Quality 14).

A study of the theoretical requirements of perfection to become immortal.

Sensing the Mote Beyond the Beam, by Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi (Magic Theory Tractatus, Quality 14).

A study on the theory of creating longevity rituals for others.

Magic Lore

Building Bridges: Understanding Our Outsize Brethren, copied from the Durenmar library (Magic Lore Summa, Level 6, Quality 11).

A treatise on the beings and legendary creatures of the Magic Realm, with a noted emphasis on giants.

Parma Magica

Magus Invictus, copied from the Durenmar library (Parma Magica Summa, Level 4, Quality 12).


Subtle Knives, by Jacinda of Flambeau. Summa on Penetration, Level 5, Quality 8. Build Points: 23. 1221 Tribunal Tropea

Profession: Architecture

Two tractatus on Architecture of quality 10, written by Tektonius of Bonisagus. Atop the volumes are a note which reads, “For the library of Mons Electi from Valnastium.”

Library of Apollodorus

All written in classical Greek.
The Black Rot Within, House Guernicus Lore, L5Q12
The Complete Order, Order of Hermes Lore, L5Q10
The Cancer that is Guernicus:, House Guernicus Lore, Q12 (Commentary on The Black Rot Within: Details how House Guernicus engineered most of the problems of the Order. There is significant circumstantial evidence here, and it is compelling.)
Lies, Damn Lies and Procedures, House Guernicus Lore, Q12) (Commentary on The Black Rot Within: Topic of The Duresca Scrolls)
Secrets of Hidden Rituals, House Guernicus Lore, Q12 (Commentary on the Black Rot Within: Topic of Fenicil’s rituals)

A Portal of Singular Direction ReTe80
R: Arc, D: Year, T: Ind, Rutal
As Hermes Portal but goes in only one direction, and therefore does not require the timing of two portals to be coordinated, and can be affected by a single magus.

Aegis of the Soldier’s Hearth ReVi 50, 40, ReVi 30, ReVi 25
R:Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle
As Aegis of the Hearth, final effectiveness is determined by subtracting modifications for range and touch, in this case 3 magnitudes, for a final effectiveness equivalent to an Aegis 35.There are notes that recommend this spell, or similar spells be cast by junior magi and they invite senior magi into the Aegis, because spells over 6 total magnitudes do inflict warping, unlike Aegis of the Hearth.

The Leap of Mass Homecoming ReCo50
R:T, D:Mom, T:Group
Base 35
As the text in the 5th Edition Text.
There is a notation that any people with you in the lab while learning this spell count as having the effect designed for them.

There are apparently three texts for rituals that appear to follow the pattern of Characteristics of the Heroes. (Mental) Characteristics of the Self CrMe55, and are a R: Self, but otherwise identical to the spell outlined in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, Presence is the missing text. While the description on the text appears straightforward, the instructions make no sense according to Magic Theory. This texts appear to be flawed or incomplete, despite the title. (Need to unlock this Achievement, in other words)

Effective Com scores of summae

These are the Communication scores of the authors of the summae listed above, or (if the author had the Good Teacher Virtue) their Com score +3. A reader with an effective Com score higher than the author of a summa, and Art or Ability score at least half the Level of the summa, can gloss the manuscript while reading (see Covenants, page 91). These effective Com scores were determined randomly.

Summa Effective Com
A Primer on Origination 5
Bone and Sinew 3
Peering into the Aether 6
In Flux Veritas1 0
The Grandest Jest 6
The Stag, The Hound, and The Prince of the Seven Crowns 7
Knowing the Beast Without 6
The Call of the Deep 8
A Testament to the Power of the Heavens 4
Illuminating the Body Human 3
The Secret Lives of Our Verdant Brethren 8
Prometheus’s Gift: Blessing or Curse? 1
Alberich’s Colloquy on Appearances 2
Anima et Eius Natura 3
The Slumbering Giant 4
Twilight’s Inevitable Triumph 6
Threading the Hermetic Needle 3
All the Plants of the World 3
Unifying Principles of our Magic 8
Building Bridges: Understanding Our Outsize Brethren 2
Magus Invictus 5
Subtle Knives -1

1 In Flux Veritas was originally Quality 19; it was glossed by Tranquillina in the autumn of 1225.


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