• The main portal leads to a mansion that is the duplicate of the one on the mundane side. In addition to the sanctums of the magi, the mansion has a large room for everyone’s use dedicated to ceremonial spell casting. This room is filled with large props that are not easily moved (and certainly are too large to leave the room) and has mystical choreographies permanently inscribed on the floor. Magic cast ceremonially in this room can be done in only 1 minute per magnitude of the spell, and the casting total receives a +5 bonus (see HoH:S, pages 59-60).
  • Other Vis Sources/Seisin located in the Regio itself include Everchanging Silk, Baubles of the Wind, and Vim of the Cave.
  • There is a portal to the Magic Realm in one of the archways, near what was Apollodorus’s sanctum. Passing through the entrance into the Magic Realm involves a sudden jarring movement which causes the body to contort into different positions, much like a trip and fall.


  • There is a two way regio “portal” outside the gate on the mundane side to an adjacent mountaintop where the Normandy Tribunal for 1227 is to be held. Funnily enough, Viscaria discovered it at a convenient spot for getting people arriving from the mundane side to the tribunal field on the regio side in an extremely orderly manner. The entrance from the mundane side had been hidden from view by the gate house, but it was easily discovered from the regio side. Crossing over was quite easy. Once the Tribunal is over, the gatehouse can be expanded to enclose the regio entrance.

An impossibly delicate bridge connects the Tribunal Field mountain to the mansion courtyard, with a gate house at each end.

The entire thing is laid out like a Roman city in miniature, and ends up being about 4-6 square blocks, with the Colleseum in the dead center.

1) Coliseum – seats 200-300, is partially underground (it doubled as our quarry), and includes tunnels and ramps to get horses and wagon-loads of goods in and out.

2) (16x or 20x) Roman Villas will be conjured to form the exterior perimeter of the Tribunal Field, with the (permanent) Mons Electi villa being in-city and next to the Roman Baths (one of the other permanent structures) (for the 9-13 Normandy Tribunal covenants, plus some outsiders that decide to show up).

3) A large Roman Style Bath House could also comfortably serve 150-200 people at once. You could probably play Water Falconball in it.

4) Space has been allocated for Small vendor Booths throughout the “city”, intermixed with smaller Baroque-Peasant-Hut sized “longhuts” that will be available for rental on a first come, first serve basis, for people to teach classes, conduct meetings, etc. These 3-room long huts

5) Building for Arts and Exhibitions, to glorify the labors and skills of our mundane craftsmen. If there was time and material enough, this will also be a permanent building.

6) Three (3x) Residence Halls will be conjured that can each serve about 30 people.

7) The Flambeau Field is down a large winding path that leads to the other side of the mountain, to a secondary quarry site. This other quarry site is for the more explosive games.

  • Wen may be hiding in a cave system somewhere around here.

Proposed Bridge System:
Rough map


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