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Map with many covenants
Gifted Mercere defined in campaign

Covenants in the Normandy Tribunal

Magi departed from Mons Electi

Apollodorus, benefactor and founder of Mons Electi, a Rego prodigy (deceased)
- Regulus, his cat familiar (deceased)


Jormungand Vor Si’r, Ex Miscellanea

Marcus ex Tytalus (whereabouts unknown)

Onesiphorus Ex Verditius

Viscaria filia Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus
- Theraphosa, her giant cave spider-siren familiar
- Viscaria’s Laboratory
- Vin Diesel, a taciturn shield grog for Viscaria with Second Sight


Celeres scholae Bonisagi
- Praeco

Proctor scholae Guernici
- Presiding Quaesitor of the Normandy Tribunal

Valerian scholae Guernici
- a powerful Hoplite opposed to Mons Electi due to their knowledge of the Duresca Scrolls; Chief Hoplite of the Normandy Tribunal

Lapus Crudis

Candidus, a fae lord who has trapped them there and delights in granting wishes
Languidus, Somnifer’s apprentice, who is not trapped within the covenant itself
Mnemnos, focused on Rego, apparently somewhat naive
Somnifer, a dream-mage

Le Maison d’Levrier

Prospero Bonisagi, pater to Ra’am.
Tria Trianomae, a politically astute Bonisagus

Spider’s Palace

Olivia of Merinita
- follows in her mater Prunellie’s footsteps like a child who has seen no other path. One might call her politically ambitious, except that she has no understanding of politics beyond the Florum vassalages. Thus, all her Machievellian scheming is focused around gaining better access to Florum books, or wresting faerie alliances from her mater’s hands.

Virgil of Flambeau
- the apprentice of Alroy of Flambeau (see The Lion and The Lily) is restless and battle-hungry, and spends all his time wishing he had a reasonable excuse to be elsewhere. Sadly, his reputation has earned him few such opportunities.

Covenants in the Iberian Tribunal

Laguna Sententia

Located in a regio hidden inside near the Abbey of San Pedro el Viejo in Huesca (near Saragossa). The inhabitants are very secretive and rarely let anyone actually inside the regio. They are known to be very rich in an unregistered source of vis in the form of teeth.

Ashka, Tremere Necromancer
- rumored to have found a way to turn the ghost of his dead sister into his familiar.

Fedora, a Mercere RedCap
- has assigned himself permanent duty tending exclusively to Laguna Sententia. As he does not have the Gift, travels frequently, and is known for being one of the few people who know how to get in and out of the Laguna Sententia regio, he is the weakest link in the defense-by-isolation, and he is damn well aware of it.

Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus
- alchemist who will grow up to experiment on baby half-fae and terram elementals. Probably a Rego specialist.

(unnamed) Irish Quaesitor


Many covenant details are based on The Phoenix Wiki.

Elizabeth Bonisagus filia Ra’am
Ra’am Bonisagi
Ulrich, apprentice to Ra’am

Covenants in the Provençal Tribunal

Val Negra

Ariel ex Flambeau

Covenants in the Loch Leglean Tribunal

Lamh nam Monadh

Cumhachd ex Tytalus
- maga who took Tranquillina (née Eskil) as an apprentice; torments her to this day

Covenants in the Roman Tribunal


Andru, Primus of Jerbiton, an ally of Appolodorus
Carmine of Flambeau, wife and muse to Andru

Covenants in the Stonehenge Tribunal


Goliard ex Tremere

Cad Gadu

Domus Magna of House Ex Miscellanea

Findabair Ex Miscellanea


Stephen Eruditus ex Jerbiton


Caltis ex Tremere
Herrit ex Tytalus
Maximianus Bonisagi, pater of Tranquillina
Morlen ex Merinita
Siffed ex Criamon
Thamik ex Verditius


Flavius Ex Miscellanea


Julia ex Jerbiton

Whereabouts unknown

Aurulentus ex Jerbiton

The Rest of the World

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